Crippin in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Crippin
Robert Crippin
John Crippin
Richard Crippin
George Crippin
Fred Crippin
Walter Crippin
Samuel Crippin
James Crippin
Thomas Crippin
Peter Crippin
Harold Crippin
Ernes Crippin
Wm.H. Crippin
Alfred Crippin
Joseph Crippin
Frank Crippin
Arthur Crippin
Albert Crippin

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Crippin
Mary Crippin
Ann Crippin
Sarah Crippin
Emma Crippin
Frances Crippin
Emily Crippin
Ellen Crippin
Lucy Crippin
Annie Crippin
Jane Crippin
Ellinor Crippin
Susannah Crippin
Cathrine Crippin
Maria Crippin
Bertha Crippin
Katharine Crippin
Helen Crippin
Amelia Crippin
Esther Crippin
Edith Crippin
Martha Crippin
Betsy Crippin
Amy Crippin
Gertrude Crippin
Alice Crippin
Evelyn Crippin

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Telegraph Depart (Clerk)
Pupil Teacher
Printer Compositor
Warehouseman Inland Navig Canal Carriers
Printer Compositor Wife
Operative In Cotton Mill
National School Mistress
National School Master
Housemaid (Domestic)
Railway Telegraph Clerk
Retired Mechanical Engineer
Timber Merchant
Spinning Co ...
Secry In Cotton Spinning C...
School Teacher Of Govermet School (Music)
Scavenger In Cotton Mill
Retired Railway Engine Driver
Governess (Private School)
Cashier (Clerk)
Cabinet & Upholster Wife
Cabinet & Upholster
Boiler Maker
Assistant Teacher (B School)
Assistant Spinning co
Assistant Mining Engineer
Cashier Dau
Cashier Wife
Dress Maker
Customs Officer
Cotton Weaver
Cook Domestic
Commercial Clerk Unemployed
Commercial Clerk Corn Trade
Colliery Proprietor
Civil Service