Croad in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Croad
George Croad
John Croad
James Croad
Thomas Croad
Henry Croad
Alfred Croad
Charles Croad
Albert Croad
Edwin Croad
Walter Croad
Frederick Croad
Robert Croad
Josiah Croad
Herbet Croad
Reginald Croad
Josias Croad
Joseph Croad
Herbert Croad
Barney Croad
Aaron Croad
Tom Croad
Sidney Croad
Charley Croad
C. Croad
Abslom Croad
Frank Croad
Roland Croad
Edward Croad
Richard Croad
Maud Croad

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Croad
Mary Croad
Sarah Croad
Kate Croad
Ann Croad
Emma Croad
Annie Croad
Ellen Croad
Eliza Croad
Emily Croad
Alice Croad
Louisa Croad
Jane Croad
Hannah Croad
Fanny Croad
Martha Croad
Ada Croad
Theresa Croad
Elizth. Croad
Maria Croad
Caroline Croad
Bessie Croad
Elizth.C. Croad
Minnie Croad
Jessie Croad
Elira Croad
Mable Croad
Henrietta Croad
Edith Croad
Lucy Croad
Florence Croad
Daisy Croad
Lily Croad
Evelyn Croad
Susan Croad
Charlott Croad
Letitia Croad
Eva Croad
Blanch Croad
Lavinia Croad
Rebecca Croad
Kezia Croad
Philis Croad
Alma Croad
Julia Croad
Agnes Croad
Jemima Croad
Isabel Croad
Eleanor Croad
Lydia Croad

Top occupations

General Labourer
Agricultural Laborer
Ag Lab
General Laborer
Licensed Victular
Daughter Of The Late Croad A Captain In The Army
Domestic Servant
Drapers Assistant
Farm Labourer
Nursemaid Dom
Parish Relief
House Keeper
Grocers Wife
Grocers Apprentice
Farmer Of 154 Acres Employing 3 Men 2 Woman And 1 Boy
Farmer Of 200 Acres Employ 5 Labourers & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 490 Acres Employing 7 Men & 3 Boys
Glove Maker
Farmers Wife
Farming 378 Acres Employ 8 Men 3 Boys
Gen Serv
General Servant
General Serv
Commercial Clerk Drapers
Agricultural Laborers Wife
Bo Mate
Boot & Shoemaker
Boot Maker
Builder & Parish Clerk
Carpenters Wife
Cook (Dom)
Cook Domestic Servant
Dom Serv
Domestic Serv
Drapers Apprentice