Croasdale in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Croasdale
Thomas Croasdale
William Croasdale
Henry Croasdale
Richard Croasdale
Joseph Croasdale
James Croasdale
Frederick Croasdale
Robert Croasdale
Edward Croasdale
Stephen Croasdale
Arthur Croasdale
Alfred Croasdale
Harry Croasdale
Ainsworth Croasdale
Ellis Croasdale
Peter Croasdale
Albert Croasdale
George Croasdale
Charles Croasdale
Hugh Croasdale
Ralph Croasdale
Nathaniel Croasdale
Walter Croasdale
Maria Croasdale
Tom Croasdale
Lawrence Croasdale
Jonathon Croasdale
Jno.Thos. Croasdale
Robt.Wm. Croasdale
David Croasdale
J.W. Croasdale
Richd. Croasdale
Chas.Hy. Croasdale
Hy. Croasdale
Benjamin Croasdale
Rennie Croasdale
Wm. Croasdale
Herbert Croasdale
Anthony Croasdale
Willam Croasdale
Hartley Croasdale
Matthew Croasdale
Vernon Croasdale
Leonard Croasdale
Thos.Ceaser Croasdale
Fred Croasdale
Sydne Croasdale
Edwin Croasdale
Roger Croasdale

Top female forenames

Mary Croasdale
Elizabeth Croasdale
Sarah Croasdale
Jane Croasdale
Ann Croasdale
Margaret Croasdale
Ellen Croasdale
Alice Croasdale
Martha Croasdale
Annie Croasdale
Emma Croasdale
Betty Croasdale
Nancy Croasdale
Isabella Croasdale
Eliza Croasdale
Margt. Croasdale
Betsy Croasdale
Margret Croasdale
Lucy Croasdale
Ada Croasdale
Catherine Croasdale
Marie Croasdale
Bertha Croasdale
Esther Croasdale
Emily Croasdale
Amelia Croasdale
Hannah Croasdale
Susannah Croasdale
Angelina Croasdale
Ruth Croasdale
Elizbeath Croasdale
Levinia Croasdale
Peggy Croasdale
Lavinia Croasdale
Effie Croasdale
Minnie Croasdale
Henrietta Croasdale
Grace Croasdale
Thurza Croasdale
Susan Croasdale
Louisa Croasdale
Polly Croasdale
Agnes Croasdale
Lettice Croasdale
Pathar Croasdale
Eleanor Croasdale
Janey Croasdale
Miriam Croasdale
Clara Croasdale
Matilda Croasdale

Top occupations

Cotton Weaver
Cotton Winder
Cotton Spinner
Printers Tearer (Woollen)
Labourer At Printworks
Stone Mason
Domestic Servant
Quarry Man
Weaver (Woollen)
Oper Cotton Spinner
Cotton Warper
Mantle Maker
Self Actor Minder
Cotton Bleacher
House Keeper
Labourer At Print Works
Power Loom Spring Maker
Warehouse Cotton Mill
General Labourer
Engine Driver At Cotton Weavering Shed
Farmer 20 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farmers Wife
Farmer Of 100 Acres
Farm Servant In Doors
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Engraver At Printworks
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Engine Turner
Worsted Warp Dresser
Farmer Of 34 Acres
Cotton Spinners Wife
Biscuit Packer
Coach Man (Domestic Servant)
Cotton Piecer
Cotton Reeler
Cotton Rover
Cotton Spinner Unemployed
Cotton Twister