Crofton in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Crofton
John Crofton
William Crofton
George Crofton
Henry Crofton
Charles Crofton
James Crofton
Robert Crofton
Edward Crofton
Richard Crofton
Hugh Crofton
Walter Crofton
Frederick Crofton
Willm. Crofton
Stephen Crofton
Fredk. Crofton
Wm. Crofton
Arthur Crofton
Peter Crofton
Joseph Crofton
Christopher Crofton
Auther Crofton
Arther Crofton
Harry Crofton
Addison Crofton
Prosser Crofton
Ernest Crofton
Moyan Crofton
E. Crofton
Leonard Crofton
Cuthbert Crofton
Isaac Crofton
Albert Crofton
Hannah Crofton
Samuel Crofton
Geo.J. Crofton
Morgan Crofton
Duke Crofton

Top female forenames

Mary Crofton
Annie Crofton
Elizabeth Crofton
Sarah Crofton
Margaret Crofton
Ellen Crofton
Ann Crofton
Isabella Crofton
Jane Crofton
Eliza Crofton
Charlotte Crofton
Frances Crofton
Alice Crofton
Catherine Crofton
Julia Crofton
Anne Crofton
Matilda Crofton
Martha Crofton
Isabel Crofton
Agnes Crofton
Louisa Crofton
Gertrude Crofton
Rebecca Crofton
Dorothy Crofton
Susan Crofton
Ada Crofton
Hannah Crofton
Rose Crofton
Georgina Crofton
Katie Crofton
Emma Crofton
Sydney Crofton
Elizth. Crofton
Sophia Crofton
Maria Crofton
Helen Crofton
Rosetta Crofton
Edrica Crofton
A.M. Crofton
Lilian Crofton
Francis Crofton
Olivia Crofton
Cecil Crofton
Katharine Crofton
Florence Crofton
Nora Crofton
Caroline Crofton
June Crofton
F. Crofton
Myrtle Crofton

Top occupations

Scholar At Home
School Mistress
General Labourer
Dividend Holder
Chelsea Pensioner
Farmers Son
Coal Miner
Servant Domestic
Iron Moulder
Mechanical Engineer
Domestic Servant
Student (Sch)
French Polisher
Shoe Maker
Retired Farmer
Mantle Maker
Assistant In Warehouse
No Occupation
Gardener D & M
From Land Annuity
General 6 Foot Retired
Wife Of Sir W Crofton
Farmer Over 600 Ac Employ 5 Labourers
Farmers Sister
Formerley Undertakers Wife
Flax Dresser
Colliery Agent
Black Smith
Book Keeper
Boot Finisher
Boot Maker
Clerk Timber Broker
Asst Hairdresser
Cotton Factory Operative
Cotton Warper
Curate In Charge Of Reddish
Curate Of Bramfield