Cromey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cromey
Walter Cromey
Edward Cromey
Robert Cromey
Christopher Cromey
Wm.M. Cromey
Percy Cromey
Charles Cromey
John Cromey

Top female forenames

Ada Cromey
Margaret Cromey
Edith Cromey
Agness Cromey
Mercy Cromey
Lydia Cromey
Julia Cromey
Jane Cromey
Franses Cromey
Emma Cromey
Charlotte Cromey
Annie Cromey
Sarah Cromey
Louise Cromey
Jenny Cromey
Isabel Cromey
Florence Cromey
Caroline Cromey

Top occupations

Monthly Nurse
Jeweller And Tax Coll.
Jeweller & Goldsmith
Hackney Carriage Driver
Gen Serv Dom
Domestic Servant
Cab Driver
Sergt Major Ast Corps