Cromwell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell
John Cromwell
James Cromwell
George Cromwell
Edward Cromwell
Henry Cromwell
Arthur Cromwell
Thomas Cromwell
Edwin Cromwell
Thos. Cromwell
Alfred Cromwell
Robert Cromwell
Joseph Cromwell
Benjamin Cromwell
Richard Cromwell
Charles Cromwell
Patrick Cromwell
Wm. Cromwell
Walter Cromwell
Jms. Cromwell
Douglas Cromwell
J.W. Cromwell
Sidney Cromwell
Henery Cromwell
Paul Cromwell
Fredk. Cromwell
Olver Cromwell
Frank Cromwell
Joshua Cromwell
Eri Cromwell
Jonathan Cromwell
Eloi Cromwell
Joe Cromwell
Ths. Cromwell
Harry Cromwell
Percival Cromwell
Frek.Saml. Cromwell
Frederick Cromwell
Ernest Cromwell
Erasmus Cromwell

Top female forenames

Mary Cromwell
Elizabeth Cromwell
Eliza Cromwell
Emma Cromwell
Annie Cromwell
Jane Cromwell
Sarah Cromwell
Ada Cromwell
Frances Cromwell
Emily Cromwell
Alice Cromwell
Fanny Cromwell
Lucy Cromwell
Maria Cromwell
Ann Cromwell
Harriet Cromwell
Caroline Cromwell
Margaret Cromwell
Amelia Cromwell
Rebecca Cromwell
Beatrice Cromwell
Ellen Cromwell
Anne Cromwell
Lizzie Cromwell
Sophia Cromwell
Kate Cromwell
Eliz. Cromwell
S. Cromwell
Agness Cromwell
Elanor Cromwell
Helen Cromwell
Constance Cromwell
May Cromwell
Charlotte Cromwell
Martha Cromwell
Flora Cromwell
Cathrine Cromwell
F.A. Cromwell
Bessie Cromwell
M. Cromwell
Valentine Cromwell
Louisa Cromwell
Elizth.Sarah Cromwell
Susan Cromwell
Lilly Cromwell
Julia Cromwell
Eleanor Cromwell
Ruth Cromwell
Agnes Cromwell
Isabella Cromwell

Top occupations

General Labourer
Lime Washer
Profesional Vocalist (Music)
Stone Mason
Cab Driver
Iron Ore Miner
Iron Moulder Unemployed
Gardener (Dom)
General Serv (Dom)
Assistant Porter (Munic Off)
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servt
Dress Maker
Feather Seller & Coal Dealer
Gas Fitter
Formerly Labourer In Sugar House
Gardeners Housekeeper
Garden Laborer (ND)
Factory Hand (Text)
Foreman Model Maker (Spin Mach Mr)
Cloth Cap Maker (Hatter)
Boiler Maker
Boy 1 Cl
Caretaker Of Rooms
Brass Tube Drawer
Worsted Weaver
Carter Corporation
Chimney Sweep
Clergyman M.A. Oxon Without Cure Of Souls
Clerk In Merchants Office
Boatman Wife
Coal Miner
Cook Dom (Servt)
Cord Winer
Cotton Spinner