Crookshank in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Crookshank
William Crookshank
George Crookshank
Gerrard Crookshank
Frederick Crookshank
Francis Crookshank
Crawford Crookshank
Arthur Crookshank
Allan Crookshank
Thomas Crookshank
Adam Crookshank
John Crookshank
Harry Crookshank
Frank Crookshank
Edgar Crookshank
Benjamin Crookshank
Arnold Crookshank
Alexanr. Crookshank
Robert Crookshank

Top female forenames

Mary Crookshank
Alice Crookshank
Margaret Crookshank
Jessie Crookshank
Elizabeth Crookshank
Joyce Crookshank
Janet Crookshank
Harriett Crookshank
Sophia Crookshank
Emily Crookshank
Sammenia Crookshank
Charlotte Crookshank
Nora Crookshank
Bertha Crookshank
Annie Crookshank
Juila Crookshank
Agnes Crookshank
Isabella Crookshank
Esther Crookshank
Sarah Crookshank
Rosa Crookshank
Caroline Crookshank
Mildred Crookshank
Anny Crookshank
Margret Crookshank
Anne Crookshank
Laura Crookshank
Alexandria Crookshank

Top occupations

Principal College L A St Andrews
((Assistant In House))
Manager Shipping Office
M A Vicar Of Catton
Lieu Colonel Bengal Staff Corps
Laundress Unemployed
Interest In Property
Master Mariners Wife
Medical Student Uni Col London
Sergent 4 West York Malita Pensioner From Army (Army)
Stage Actor
Governess (Priv)
Gen Prac
Assistant Baker
Bakehouse Keeper (Baker)
Chelsea Pensioner
Civil Serv Junior Clerk
Civil Service Clerk
Clerk In The Treasury Civil Serv
Customs Officer
Domestic Servant
Engine Cleaner (Fac Lab)
Engine Fitter
Errand Boy
Farm Serv Indoor
Gardener (ND)
Stone Mason