Crotty in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Crotty
John Crotty
Thomas Crotty
James Crotty
Francis Crotty
Robert Crotty
David Crotty
Patrick Crotty
Charles Crotty
Richard Crotty
Maurice Crotty
Joseph Crotty
Walter Crotty
Fredk. Crotty
Edward Crotty
Pierce Crotty
Arthur Crotty
Michael Crotty
Martin Crotty
George Crotty
Thos. Crotty
Frederick Crotty
Sidney Crotty
Eugene Crotty
Denis Crotty
Peter Crotty
Partrick Crotty

Top female forenames

Mary Crotty
Julia Crotty
Ellen Crotty
Kate Crotty
Alice Crotty
Elizabeth Crotty
Jane Crotty
Annie Crotty
Ann Crotty
Martha Crotty
Clara Crotty
Catherine Crotty
Johanna Crotty
Bridget Crotty
Hannah Crotty
Margaret Crotty
Caroline Crotty
Lucy Crotty
Eliza Crotty
Katherine Crotty
Isabel Crotty
Norah Crotty
Anne Crotty
Fanny Crotty
Maria Crotty
Ada Crotty
Elsie Crotty
Louisa Crotty
Edith Crotty
Christina Crotty
Johannah Crotty
Zillah Crotty
Hanora Crotty
Nelly Crotty
Frances Crotty
Agnes Crotty
Ethel Crotty
Margt. Crotty

Top occupations

Iron Worker
Waistcoat Maker
Card Tenter (C)
Engine Smith
Gen SErvt
Foreman Of Labourers At Nail Workes
Feller At Blast Furnace (Iron)
General Laborer
General Labourer
General Serv (Domestic)
General Dealer
General Servant
Governess (Prof)
Machine Man (E & M)
Lath Cleaver (Maker)
Labourer At Magnesium Metal Works
Lab Copper Works
Jewel Case Maker
House Painter
Hair Dresser
Employed In Farm Work
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Bricklayers Laborer
Basket Maker
Attorneys Clerk
Working At Brickyard (Maker)
Asst Shop Keeper
Army Pensioner
Butcher Employing 1 Man
Card Room Hand Cotton Mill
Curates Wife
Curate Of Bleasby
Cotton Winder
Cook Domestic
Cook (Dom)
Comedian (Actor)
Coffee Hse Keeper
Certificated Mistress Of P.E. Schools