Crouther in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Crouther
Joseph Crouther
William Crouther
Henry Crouther
Saville Crouther
Jeremiah Crouther
James Crouther
Wm. Crouther
George Crouther
Thos. Crouther
Daniel Crouther
Archibald Crouther
Ramsden Crouther
Lyons Crouther
Herbert Crouther
Harry Crouther
Frederic Crouther
Thomas Crouther
Arthur Crouther
Samuel Crouther
Peachstone Crouther
Jimmy Crouther

Top female forenames

Mary Crouther
Sarah Crouther
Elizabeth Crouther
Alice Crouther
Anne Crouther
Jane Crouther
Edith Crouther
Martha Crouther
Lucy Crouther
Comfort Crouther
Christianna Crouther
Margeret Crouther
Amelia Crouther
Lily Crouther
Alberty Crouther
Zilpha Crouther
Francis Crouther
Susan Crouther
Rachel Crouther
Clara Crouther
May Crouther
Caroline Crouther
Ann Crouther
Lilly Crouther
Harriet Crouther
Susannah Crouther
Emma Crouther
Selina Crouther
Eliza Crouther
Ruth Crouther
Minnie Crouther

Top occupations

Dress? Mkr
Iron Works Labourer
Iron Works Rooler
Mill Hand (Artisan)
Nurse Dom Ser
Journeyman Mason
(T) Governess
Silk Spinner
Silk Warp Dresser
Stoker On Railway
Stone Merchant
Stuff Weaver
White Smith
Wollen Weaver
Woollen Feeder
Groom (8-1)
General Labourer
Assit Engineer Driver
Butcher Wife
Coal Miner
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Throstle Overlooker
Cotton Weaver
Domestic Servant
Draper Assistant
Engine Driver At Factory
Erector Of Iron Roofs
Farm Laborer
Farmer Of 120 Emp 1 Man 2 Bys
Farmer Wife
Feeder (Cotton)
Foreman Engineer Driver
Forgeman (Iron)
Woollen Piecer