Crowden in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Crowden
George Crowden
John Crowden
Charles Crowden
James Crowden
Thomas Crowden
Robert Crowden
Alfred Crowden
Ernest Crowden
Arthur Crowden
Henry Crowden
Edwin Crowden
Wm. Crowden
Albert Crowden
Herbert Crowden
Ludwig Crowden
David Crowden
Joseph Crowden
Benjamin Crowden
Isaac Crowden
Tom Crowden
Frederick Crowden
Matt Crowden
Edmund Crowden
Joyce Crowden
Ben Crowden
Israel Crowden
Willm. Crowden
Walter Crowden
Harry Crowden
Timothy Crowden
Geo. Crowden
Sidney Crowden
Frank Crowden
Reuben Crowden

Top female forenames

Mary Crowden
Sarah Crowden
Elizabeth Crowden
Emily Crowden
Maria Crowden
Eliza Crowden
Alice Crowden
Annie Crowden
Lucy Crowden
Clara Crowden
Ellen Crowden
Julia Crowden
Susannah Crowden
Bessie Crowden
Ann Crowden
Laura Crowden
Betsy Crowden
Emma Crowden
Margaret Crowden
Kate Crowden
Rose Crowden
Jane Crowden
Fanny Crowden
Apeloman Crowden
Mabel Crowden
Linda Crowden
Eliz. Crowden
Ada Crowden
Edith Crowden
Rosa Crowden
Ida Crowden
Dora Crowden
Myra Crowden
Hannah Crowden
Constance Crowden
Florence Crowden
Marian Crowden
Beatrice Crowden
Elzbth. Crowden
Elizth. Crowden
Amy Crowden
Lily Crowden
Agnes Crowden
Eleanor Crowden
Dorothea Crowden
Rachel Crowden
Henrietta Crowden
Dinah Crowden
Minnie Crowden
Frances Crowden

Top occupations

General Labourer
Coal Miner
Pupil Teacher
Mechanic (Spg Mach)
Farmers Daughter
Bankers Clerk
Masons Lab
Farmer 117 Acres 2 Labourers
Farm Laborer
Farmers Wife
Farm Bailiff Wife
Gen Lab
General Dealer
Gate Keeper
Farmer of 135 Acres Employing 4 Laborers
Gardener & Coachman (Dom)
Farmer Of 200 Acres 4 Men
Farmer Of 40 Acres
Freestone Quarryman
Farmers Boy
Farmservant Indoor
Farmers Son
Domestic Servant (General)
Dom Serv Cook
Book Sewer
Boiler Maker
Barmaid (Inn)
Bankers Clerk Wife
Baker Master
Assistant To Lodging Housekeeeper
Worsted Spinner
Cotton Operative (Mf)
Cook (Domestic Serv)
Commercial Clerk (At Brick Manuf)
Commercial Clerk
Coal Trimmer
Coal Miner Wife
Coach Smith (Unemployed)