Crowle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Crowle
William Crowle
Thomas Crowle
Samuel Crowle
James Crowle
Henry Crowle
Richard Crowle
Robert Crowle
Joseph Crowle
Charles Crowle
Ernest Crowle
Albert Crowle
Harry Crowle
Arthur Crowle
Alfred Crowle
George Crowle
Daniel Crowle
Tom Crowle
Francis Crowle
Frank Crowle
Edward Crowle
Jno. Crowle
Frederick Crowle
Edwin Crowle
Marshal Crowle
David Crowle
Leonard Crowle
Charley Crowle
Thos.H.R. Crowle
Peter Crowle
Percival Crowle
Oscar Crowle
Lewis Crowle
Thos. Crowle
Almond Crowle
Sydney Crowle
Humphrey Crowle
Robt. Crowle
Percy Crowle
Paul Crowle

Top female forenames

Mary Crowle
Elizabeth Crowle
Jane Crowle
Annie Crowle
Ann Crowle
Emily Crowle
Ellen Crowle
Emma Crowle
Sarah Crowle
Bessie Crowle
Edith Crowle
Grace Crowle
Fanny Crowle
Hannah Crowle
Nellie Crowle
Harriet Crowle
Susan Crowle
Kate Crowle
Elizth. Crowle
Clara Crowle
Catherine Crowle
Cacilea Crowle
Rachel Crowle
Amelia Crowle
Julia Crowle
Frances Crowle
Sara Crowle
Betsy Crowle
Lucithe Crowle
Rosina Crowle
Arriet Crowle
Lottie Crowle
Rebecca Crowle
Lillian Crowle
Elsie Crowle
Philippa Crowle
Alma Crowle
Nancy Crowle
Edna Crowle
Millicent Crowle
Harriett Crowle
Matilda Crowle
Sidonia Crowle
Martha Crowle
Georgina Crowle
Margretta Crowle
Fenella Crowle
Ruth Crowle
Louisa Crowle
Ethel Crowle

Top occupations

China Clay Labourer
Clay Labourer
Iron Miner
Tin Miner
(China) Clay Labourer
General Servant
Stone Mason
Domestic Servant
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farm Laborer
Domestic Serv
Clay Labr
No Occupation
Drapers Assistant
Grocer & Drapers Assist
Farmer Wife
Farmer Son
Farmer of 20 Acres
Farmer Daur
Farmer 5 Acres
Farmer 35 Acres
Farmer (Of 30 Acres)
Engineer Student
Farm Boy
Woodturner Pattern Maker
((Tin Miner Wife))
Able Seaman (Mer Serv)
Agricultural Laborer
Assistant Housekeeper
Bible Christian Local Preacher Letter Carrier & Hair Dresser
China Clay Laborer
China Stone Labourer
Chinaclay Labourer
Church Cleaner (Char)
Coach Painter
Commercial Traveller In Drapery
Copper & Tin Miner