Cruikshank in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cruikshank
William Cruikshank
George Cruikshank
James Cruikshank
Robert Cruikshank
Alexander Cruikshank
David Cruikshank
Henry Cruikshank
Edwin Cruikshank
Joseph Cruikshank
Wallace Cruikshank
Albert Cruikshank
Thomas Cruikshank
Edwd. Cruikshank
Malcolm Cruikshank
Wm.Arthur Cruikshank
Lincoln Cruikshank
Augustus Cruikshank
Victor Cruikshank
Adam Cruikshank
Stafford Cruikshank
Robt. Cruikshank
Richmond Cruikshank
Fred Cruikshank
Norman Cruikshank
Matthew Cruikshank
Edward Cruikshank
Louis Cruikshank
Chas. Cruikshank
Willm. Cruikshank
Alfred Cruikshank
Jas. Cruikshank
Hugh Cruikshank
Samuel Cruikshank
Harry Cruikshank
Fredk. Cruikshank
Peter Cruikshank
Francis Cruikshank
Michael Cruikshank

Top female forenames

Mary Cruikshank
Elizabeth Cruikshank
Sarah Cruikshank
Margaret Cruikshank
Jane Cruikshank
Ann Cruikshank
Alice Cruikshank
Emma Cruikshank
Jessie Cruikshank
Hannah Cruikshank
Maria Cruikshank
Grace Cruikshank
Annie Cruikshank
Kate Cruikshank
Ellen Cruikshank
Martha Cruikshank
Elizth. Cruikshank
Charlotte Cruikshank
Beatrice Cruikshank
Lucy Cruikshank
Frances Cruikshank
Lizzie Cruikshank
Essy Cruikshank
Lilly Cruikshank
Emily Cruikshank
Agnes Cruikshank
Janette Cruikshank
Miriam Cruikshank
Clara Cruikshank
Matilda Cruikshank
Helen Cruikshank
Charl. Cruikshank
Hanh. Cruikshank
Augusta Cruikshank
Gertrude Cruikshank
Annabella Cruikshank
Louisa Cruikshank
Esther Cruikshank
Amy Cruikshank
Lily Cruikshank
Alethia Cruikshank
Lilian Cruikshank
Elsie Cruikshank
Susan Cruikshank
Rob. Cruikshank
Janet Cruikshank
Constance Cruikshank
Maud Cruikshank
Henretta Cruikshank

Top occupations

Shop Boy (Mess)
Engine Fitter At Work
General Laborer
Genl Lab
General Servant Domestic
General Servant
G Servant (Dom)
Forgeman (Smith)
Upholsterer Foreman
Foreman Millwright
Gentlemans Gardener (D)
Glassworks (Manuf)
Income From Land And Investments
In Absence Of Occupiers Wife & Head Governess In Charge Of Family
Housemaid Domestic Serv
Housekeeper Domestic
Guard On Railway
Grocers Assist
Fishmongers Assistant
Financial Agent
Commission Agent Son
Commission Agent
Clerk In South African Mer Office
Clerk Civil Service C...
Chaplain Of New Coll Oxford
Boy 1st Class
Baptist Minister
Assistant School Mistress
Assistant Master Harrow School
Cook & House Keeper
Engineer Driver
Engine Fitter At Works
Dress Maker
Drapers Clerk
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Serv
D Maid Of All Work