Crush in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Crush
Charles Crush
John Crush
Thomas Crush
James Crush
Joseph Crush
Samuel Crush
Robert Crush
Frederick Crush
Arthur Crush
Wm. Crush
George Crush
Henry Crush
Ernest Crush
Leonard Crush
Edward Crush
Peter Crush
Oswald Crush
Wm.H. Crush
Isaac Crush
Saml.T. Crush
Richard Crush
Edmund Crush
Owen Crush
Jos. Crush
Hugo Crush
Thos.G. Crush
Frank Crush

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Crush
Mary Crush
Ann Crush
Emma Crush
Emily Crush
Sarah Crush
Ellen Crush
Alice Crush
Jessie Crush
Louisa Crush
Caroline Crush
Margaret Crush
Lucy Crush
Clara Crush
Frances Crush
Annie Crush
Harriett Crush
Eleanor Crush
Elizh. Crush
Susan Crush
Helly Crush
Eliza Crush
Rose Crush
Hannah Crush
Edith Crush
Rhoda Crush
Gertrude Crush
Nellie Crush
Minnie Crush
Fanny Crush
Beatrice Crush
Maria Crush
Emmeline Crush
Mabel Crush
Amelia Crush
Elizth.A. Crush
Winnie Crush
Ada Crush
Jane Crush
Rosa Crush
Grace Crush
Constance Crush
Priscilla Crush
Francis Crush
Catherine Crush
Moses Crush
Florence Crush
Bertha Crush
Ethel Crush
Arabella Crush

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ag Laborer
General Serv
General Serv Domestic
General Lab (Unemployed)
Gen Lab
Gardener Wife
Engine Driver At A Mill (Stationary)
Farmers Wife
Farmers Daughter
Farmer 430 Acres 10 Men And 4 Boys
General Servant (Domestic)
Laborers Wife
Iron Turner
Iron Rivetter (Boiler)
Income Derived From Land
Income Derived From Funds
Housemaid Dom Serv.
Hotel Keeper Wife
Hotel Keeper
Dress Maker
Butler Dom Serv
Brush Finisher
Boiler Maker
Bakers Assistant
Ag. Lab.
Ag Lab Wife
Card Room Hand Cotton Mill
Carpenters Lab
Coachman Dom Ser
Domestic Servant General
Domestic Servant
Domestic Cook
Cotton Weaver
Collectors Clerk Inld Reve Excise Branch
Coal Porter
Coachman Out Of Employ (Dome Servt)