Cuddy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

James Cuddy
John Cuddy
Thomas Cuddy
William Cuddy
Patrick Cuddy
Joseph Cuddy
Michael Cuddy
Charles Cuddy
Edward Cuddy
Andrew Cuddy
Peter Cuddy
Lawrence Cuddy
Wm. Cuddy
Albert Cuddy
Walter Cuddy
Henry Cuddy
Samuel Cuddy
George Cuddy
Michal Cuddy
Denis Cuddy
Martin Cuddy
Jeremiah Cuddy
Agustus Cuddy
Tom Cuddy
Hubert Cuddy
Harry Cuddy
Sam. Cuddy
Geo.Ed. Cuddy
Enoch Cuddy
Pat Cuddy
Edw. Cuddy
Chas. Cuddy
Carey Cuddy
Thos. Cuddy
Robt. Cuddy
Geo. Cuddy

Top female forenames

Mary Cuddy
Sarah Cuddy
Margaret Cuddy
Bridget Cuddy
Kate Cuddy
Elizabeth Cuddy
Catherine Cuddy
Ann Cuddy
Eliza Cuddy
Ellen Cuddy
Hannah Cuddy
Alice Cuddy
Annie Cuddy
Anne Cuddy
Charlotte Cuddy
Sophia Cuddy
Jane Cuddy
Margt. Cuddy
Cathrine Cuddy
Catherin Cuddy
Norah Cuddy
Henrietta Cuddy
Matilda Cuddy
Martha Cuddy
Emma Cuddy
Adelaide Cuddy
Margret Cuddy
Mace Cuddy
Lizzy Cuddy
Lawretta Cuddy
Katherine Cuddy
Catharine Cuddy
Rosa Cuddy
My. Cuddy
Helen Cuddy
Florence Cuddy
Agnes Cuddy
Emily Cuddy
Elizth. Cuddy
M. Cuddy
Lillie Cuddy
Susannah Cuddy
Lattia Cuddy

Top occupations

Cotton Piecer
Errand Boy
Cotton Winder
Worsted Spinner
Cotton Spinner
Cotton Weaver
Cabinet Maker
Glass Cleaner
Cotton Winder (CM)
Engine Fitter
Farm Labourer
Dyers Labourer (Cott)
Dyer (Undef)
Highway Repairer (Rd Lab)
Finisher (Dyer Undef)
General Laborer
Garden Lab
Frame Tenter (C)
General Servant
Genl Labr
Foundry Lab (Iron)
Formerly Laundress
Genl Servant (Dom)
General Labourer
Cotton Baller
Bricklayers Labourer
Colliery Lab
Constable Mtn Police
Convicted Felon
Cook (Domestic Servt)
Cott Mill Layer On
Cott Mill Overlooker Of Doublers
Cotton Reeler
Calico Weaver
Cowman (A G)
Dock Lab
Dom Sert
Domestic Serv
Domestic Servant