Cullimore in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Cullimore
William Cullimore
James Cullimore
Thomas Cullimore
John Cullimore
Henry Cullimore
Charles Cullimore
Edward Cullimore
Albert Cullimore
Arthur Cullimore
Alfred Cullimore
Leonard Cullimore
Frederick Cullimore
Frank Cullimore
Wm. Cullimore
Walter Cullimore
Ambrose Cullimore
Joseph Cullimore
Augustus Cullimore
Daniel Cullimore
Willm. Cullimore
Jas. Cullimore
Ernest Cullimore
Sidney Cullimore
Richard Cullimore
Harry Cullimore
Gilbert Cullimore
Daniell Cullimore
Luke Cullimore
Francis Cullimore
Samuel Cullimore
Hector Cullimore
Edgar Cullimore
Nelson Cullimore
Agustus Cullimore
Giles Cullimore
Danill Cullimore
Matthew Cullimore
Aaron Cullimore
Christopher Cullimore
Austin Cullimore
W. Cullimore
Attwoole Cullimore
J. Cullimore
Enock Cullimore
Stephen Cullimore
Anthony Cullimore
Horace Cullimore
Edger Cullimore
David Cullimore

Top female forenames

Mary Cullimore
Elizabeth Cullimore
Ellen Cullimore
Sarah Cullimore
Eliza Cullimore
Emily Cullimore
Ann Cullimore
Kate Cullimore
Fanny Cullimore
Annie Cullimore
Alice Cullimore
Louisa Cullimore
Lucy Cullimore
Julia Cullimore
Edith Cullimore
Charlotte Cullimore
Florence Cullimore
Jane Cullimore
Harriett Cullimore
Clara Cullimore
Caroline Cullimore
Martha Cullimore
Laura Cullimore
Hester Cullimore
Susan Cullimore
Harriet Cullimore
Hannah Cullimore
Rosa Cullimore
Matilda Cullimore
Elizth. Cullimore
Mabel Cullimore
Amelia Cullimore
Eleanor Cullimore
Ada Cullimore
Frances Cullimore
Ruth Cullimore
Adelina Cullimore
Liza Cullimore
A.B.A. Cullimore
Francis Cullimore
Priscilla Cullimore
Leah Cullimore
Phoebe Cullimore
Catherine Cullimore
Eva Cullimore
Bessie Cullimore
Infant Cullimore
Maria Cullimore
Henrietta Cullimore
Susannah Cullimore

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Gen Lab
Hay Dealer
General Labourer
Ag Labourer
Farmers Wife
Farm Labourer
Nurse (Domestic Serv)
Employed At Home
Gen Servant
Groom (D)
Dress Maker
Cotton Weaver
Lodging House Keeper
Drapers Assistant
Domestic Servant
Grocers Porter
Beer House Keeper
Labourer (Ag)
Stone Mason
Assistant In Farming
Tiler & Plasterer
(Farmers Son)
Farmer Of 20 Acres
Ag Lab & Housekeeper Dom
Errand Lad
Apprentice Carpenter
Assistant Housekeeper
Certified "Teacher"
Carpenter & Wheelwright
Carpenter Wife
Cattle Dealer
Chelsea Pensioner
Char Woman