Culling in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Culling
John Culling
James Culling
George Culling
Charles Culling
Robert Culling
Henry Culling
Walter Culling
Thomas Culling
Samuel Culling
Isaac Culling
Ernest Culling
Edward Culling
Frederick Culling
Daniel Culling
Joseph Culling
Arthur Culling
Albert Culling
Luke Culling
Harry Culling
Mark Culling
Leonard Culling
Fredric Culling
Alfred Culling
Patrick Culling
W. Culling
Percy Culling
Elijah Culling
Oscar Culling
Horace Culling
Dennis Culling
Lot Culling
Harold Culling
Willie Culling
Chas.W. Culling
Barzili Culling
Thos. Culling
Frank Culling
Sidney Culling
Ancel Culling
Isacc Culling
Felix Culling
Irvin Culling
Ellis Culling
Hugh Culling
Edwin Culling
Moyes Culling
Herbert Culling
Ebenezer Culling
Willm.M. Culling

Top female forenames

Mary Culling
Sarah Culling
Elizabeth Culling
Emma Culling
Emily Culling
Kate Culling
Anna Culling
Maria Culling
Alice Culling
Ellen Culling
Eliza Culling
Edith Culling
Annie Culling
Ada Culling
Susan Culling
Harriett Culling
Anne Culling
Ann Culling
Martha Culling
Margaret Culling
Sophia Culling
Rose Culling
Florence Culling
Susannah Culling
Jemima Culling
Isabella Culling
Eleanor Culling
Gertrude Culling
Caroline Culling
Susanna Culling
Jane Culling
Beatrice Culling
Hannah Culling
Charlotte Culling
Adelaide Culling
Ethel Culling
Capuspeia Culling
Julia Culling
Betsy Culling
Susanah Culling
Bertha Culling
Sophy Culling
Lucy Culling
Augusta Culling
Hilda Culling
Edis Culling
Louie Culling
Harriet Culling
Rhoda Culling
Debbe Culling

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Stay Maker
Dress Maker
Farm Labourer
Stone Merchant
Footman Dom Serv
Coal Miner
Gen Serv
Iron Miner
Lab Gen
Shoe Maker
Agricultural Labourer
Stamper In Warehouse
Police Constable
Bl Lead Pencil Maker (Wd)
General Servant
Feather Dresser
Ag Lab
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Cabinet Maker Upholsterer
Game Keeper
Coal Dealer
A B Seaman
Wool Comb Minder (Sting M MR)
Dyer Of Hats (Felt)
Engine Fitter
Engine Fitter Severn & Wyerly Co
Errand Boy
Certificated Teacher
Ag Labourer
Clicker (Out Of Employ)
Coachman (D)
Book Keeper & Salesman (Clerk)
Boot Finisher
Coachman (Domestic)