Culy in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Isaac Culy
John Culy
William Culy
David Culy
Ephraim Culy
Joseph Culy
Jacob Culy
James Culy
Alfred Culy
Herbert Culy
George Culy
Earnest Culy
Walter Culy
Charles Culy
Richard Culy
Blasley Culy
Ammi Culy
Abraham Culy
Idyll Culy
Henry Culy
Frank Culy
Enoch Culy
Thomas Culy
Blaxly Culy
Arthur Culy

Top female forenames

Sarah Culy
Maria Culy
Fanny Culy
Ann Culy
Lizzie Culy
Susan Culy
Elizabeth Culy
Annie Culy
Martha Culy
Matilda Culy
Martimas Culy
Hannah Culy
Eleanor Culy
Phoebe Culy
Mary Culy
Agatha Culy
Lucy Culy
Jane Culy
Frances Culy
Emily Culy
Selina Culy
Eliza Culy
Priscilla Culy
Charlotte Culy

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Ironstone Miner
Potato Merchant (Greengrocer)
Mat Maker
Farmers Wife
General Serv Domestic
General Servant
Groom (Dom)
Housekeeper (Nil)
Iron Forge Laborer
Labs Wife
No Occupation
Bankers Clerk (Out Of Employ)
Farmers Daur
Farmer 36 Acres Emp 1 Man
Butcher & Farmer Of 6 Acres
Clerk Dist Bank
Cook Domestic Servant
Draper Apprentice
Dress Maker
Farm Labourer
Farmer (Of 9 Acres)
Farmer Of 47 Acres