Cundall in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Cundall
William Cundall
Thomas Cundall
Robert Cundall
Joseph Cundall
Henry Cundall
James Cundall
George Cundall
Edward Cundall
Richard Cundall
Arthur Cundall
Frederick Cundall
Ernest Cundall
Wm. Cundall
Herbert Cundall
Fred Cundall
Charles Cundall
Tom Cundall
Alfred Cundall
Isaac Cundall
Benjamin Cundall
Harry Cundall
Harold Cundall
Luke Cundall
Fredrick Cundall
Launcelot Cundall
Fred. Cundall
Walter Cundall
Frank Cundall
Edwin Cundall
Sydney Cundall
Infant Cundall
Edgar Cundall
Ralph Cundall
Henery Cundall
Midford Cundall
Harrold Cundall
Albert Cundall
Matthew Cundall
Leonard Cundall
Julias Cundall
Tudor Cundall
Sep Cundall
Horatio Cundall
Pearson Cundall
Alfd. Cundall
Michael Cundall

Top female forenames

Mary Cundall
Elizabeth Cundall
Sarah Cundall
Jane Cundall
Annie Cundall
Ann Cundall
Alice Cundall
Emma Cundall
Emily Cundall
Margaret Cundall
Edith Cundall
Clara Cundall
Hannah Cundall
Eliza Cundall
Martha Cundall
Maria Cundall
Lucy Cundall
Fanny Cundall
Ellen Cundall
Matilda Cundall
Isabella Cundall
Grace Cundall
Charity Cundall
Rose Cundall
Minnie Cundall
Anne Cundall
Selina Cundall
Eva Cundall
Ruth Cundall
Blanche Cundall
Letitia Cundall
Kate Cundall
Harriet Cundall
E.G. Cundall
Margert Cundall
Thomas Cundall
M. Cundall
Florence Cundall
Teresa Cundall
Caroline Cundall
Louisa Cundall
Beatrice Cundall
Lillian Cundall
Laura Cundall
Amy Cundall
Effie Cundall
Marie Cundall
Agness Cundall
Hilda Cundall
Easter Cundall

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Wife
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Agricultural Labourer
Ag Lab
Railway Porter
Coal Dealer
West India Merchants Clerk
Servant Genl
Labourer (General)
Police Constable
Farmer Dau
Boot Fitter
Maker Fancy Goods
Tailor Son
Farmer Wife
Road Man (Lab)
Corn Miller
Cotton Warper
Cotton Carrier
Corn Miller & Farmer 40 Acres Employs 4 Men
Cotton Weaver
Comml Clerk Colonial Branch
Brass Finisher
Apprentice Paper Mill
Apprentice To Wool Combing
Art Student
Assistant Chemist
Bookbinders Apprentice
Bookbinders Wife
Agr Labr
Brewers Fireman & Yeastman
Brewers Labourer
Brewers Wife
Brush Drawer