Cundey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cundey
William Cundey
Isaac Cundey
Joseph Cundey
George Cundey
Richard Cundey
Jane Cundey
Frank Cundey
Edward Cundey
Arthur Cundey
Alexander Cundey
Tom Cundey
Albert Cundey
Oliver Cundey
James Cundey
Francis Cundey
Cyril Cundey
Alfred Cundey
Albt Cundey

Top female forenames

Mary Cundey
Harriet Cundey
Elizabeth Cundey
Kate Cundey
Ethel Cundey
Emma Cundey
Annie Cundey
Ada Cundey
Sarah Cundey
Maria Cundey
Helen Cundey
Fanny Cundey
Esther Cundey
Agneta Cundey

Top occupations

Cotton Operative
Engine Fitter & Millwright
Inn Keeper (Commercial Hotel)
Ironmonger Employing 1 Boy
Plumber Employing 4 Men & Parish Clerk
Pupil Teacher-(School)
Teacher Of Music
Household Duties
Gas Stoker
Farmer 4 Acres
Errand Lad
Employed At Home
Corn Miller Unable To Work
Comb Stainer
Clergyman Of Ch Of England
Cabinet Maker
Wood Turner & Sawyer