Cundiff in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

Thomas Cundiff
William Cundiff
Ralph Cundiff
John Cundiff
James Cundiff
David Cundiff
Benjamin Cundiff
Walter Cundiff
Edwin Cundiff
Charles Cundiff
Albert Cundiff
Thos. Cundiff
Samuel Cundiff
Joseph Cundiff

Top female forenames

Ellen Cundiff
Elizabeth Cundiff
Susannah Cundiff
Mary Cundiff
Ann Cundiff
Susan Cundiff
Phoebe Cundiff
Martha Cundiff
Levina Cundiff
Harriet Cundiff
Alice Cundiff
Sarah Cundiff
Margret Cundiff
Jane Cundiff

Top occupations

Silk Winder
Silk Piecer
Assistant At Home
Machine Labourer (E & M)
Provision Dealer
Publican And Farmer Of 12 Acres
Scripture Reader
Silk Picker
Teamsman (Ag Lab)
Locomotive Fireman (Rail Sto)
Laborer (Genl)
Beer House Keeper (Seller)
Brittania Metal Smith
Cotton Operative (CM)
Farm Labourer
Farm Serv Indoor
Farm Servant