Cupper in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cupper
John Cupper
Arthur Cupper
Thomas Cupper
Harry Cupper
Henry Cupper
George Cupper
James Cupper
Ernest Cupper
Edward Cupper
Edwin Cupper
Charles Cupper
Wm.Herbert Cupper
Victor Cupper
Alfred Cupper
Robert Cupper
Frederick Cupper
Austin Cupper
Armell Cupper
Frak Cupper

Top female forenames

Mary Cupper
Eliza Cupper
Elizabeth Cupper
Ellen Cupper
Sarah Cupper
Clara Cupper
Annie Cupper
Esther Cupper
Louisa Cupper
Harriet Cupper
Bessie Cupper
Ann Cupper
Emma Cupper
Isabella Cupper
Hannah Cupper
Betsey Cupper
Flora Cupper
Eva Cupper
Alice Cupper
Emily Cupper
Maud Cupper
Lucy Cupper
Eleanor Cupper
Dinah Cupper
Catherine Cupper
Georgina Cupper
Fany Cupper
Ethel Cupper
My Cupper
Lucretia Cupper
Edith Cupper

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Market Gardener
Farmers Son
Railway Engine Driver
Labourer Dock
House Wife
General Servant (Male) (Dom)
General Servant
General Serv Domestic
General Serv
Gardeners Wife
Labourer General
Labourer On Highway (Road)
Lamp Inspector
Porter To Pipe Manufer
Police Constable
Parlour Maid Dom Serv
Nurse To Invalid (S M S)
Nurse Domestic Servant
Metal Polisher & Nickel Plater
Market Clerk In Colonial Wool Trade
Railway Engine Driver Wife
Fruiter Wife
Chelsea Penshiner Agent Life Assurance Co
Carter (Ag Lab)
Carpenter & Joiner
Box Maker (Wood)
Box Maker (Paper)
Box Maker (Fancy)
Boot Fitter
Assists At Home
Clerk Printer (Clerk)
Coachman (Domestic)
Engine Cleaner (Fac Lab)
Farmer 82 Acres Employs 3 Men 1 Boy
Farmer 300 A Emp 8 Men 2 Boys
Farm Servant (Indr)
Farm Labourer
Engine Driver (Ry)
Domestic Servnt
Costume Maker
Cook Domestic
Coachmans Wife