Cureton in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Cureton
Edward Cureton
Thomas Cureton
Charles Cureton
John Cureton
George Cureton
Alfred Cureton
Richard Cureton
Edwin Cureton
Albert Cureton
Samuel Cureton
Henry Cureton
Benjamin Cureton
Joseph Cureton
James Cureton
Harry Cureton
Joshua Cureton
Arthur Cureton
Harold Cureton
T.F. Cureton
Frederick Cureton
Rowland Cureton
Ernest Cureton
Noah Cureton
Wm. Cureton
Ben Cureton
B.W.E. Cureton
W.O. Cureton
Herbert Cureton
Tom Cureton
Agustus Cureton
Frederic Cureton
Robert Cureton
Percy Cureton
Benjaman Cureton
Willm. Cureton
Barnard Cureton
Walter Cureton
J. Cureton
W.H. Cureton
Thos. Cureton

Top female forenames

Sarah Cureton
Mary Cureton
Elizabeth Cureton
Eliza Cureton
Emma Cureton
Ellen Cureton
Jane Cureton
Ann Cureton
Edith Cureton
Minnie Cureton
Fanny Cureton
Agnes Cureton
Ada Cureton
Hannah Cureton
Charlotte Cureton
Caroline Cureton
Harriette Cureton
Alice Cureton
L. Cureton
Rose Cureton
Dorothy Cureton
Myriam Cureton
Helen Cureton
Harriet Cureton
Maude Cureton
H. Cureton
Annia Cureton
Martha Cureton
Georgina Cureton
Margaret Cureton
Theresa Cureton
Lucy Cureton
Emily Cureton
Selina Cureton
Laura Cureton
Ruth Cureton
Julia Cureton
Priscilla Cureton
Henrietta Cureton
Clara Cureton
Miriam Cureton
Catherin Cureton
May Cureton
Annie Cureton
Gertrude Cureton
Anne Cureton
Marion Cureton
Flora Cureton
Lydia Cureton
Susan Cureton

Top occupations

Iron Moulder
Farmer Son
Iron Founder
Principal Of School (Mistress)
Iron Worker
Agricultural Laborer
Boot Finisher
No Occupation
Grocer Out Of Situation
Whouseman Int Revenue (Not Manchester)
Inn Keeper & Farmer
Gardener Wife
Gardeners Labourer (N D)
Gen Farm Servant (Indoor)(Ag)
Gen Serv Dom
Gen Servant
House Keeper
Gen Servant (Ag)
General Serv
General Servant
Grocers Assistant
Genl Domesc Serv
Farmers Daughter
Farmer Retired
Coachman Dom
Cabinet Salesman (Dealer)
Cab Driver
Brush Maker
Brewers Clerk
Boot Maker
Comm Clerk
Commercial Traveller
Farmer Of 370 Acres Employing 7 Labourers
Farmer Of 202 Acres Employing 2 Labr 1 Boy
Farmer 346 Acres Employing 7 Ag Lab
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Domestic Serv
Cook Domestic
Compositors Wife