Curle in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Curle
William Curle
Henry Curle
George Curle
James Curle
Robert Curle
Alfred Curle
Charles Curle
Richard Curle
David Curle
Arthur Curle
Harry Curle
Samuel Curle
Frederick Curle
Edward Curle
Joseph Curle
Isaac Curle
Alexander Curle
Willm.J. Curle
Herbert Curle
Walter Curle
F.L. Curle
Ralph Curle
Oliver Curle
Cornelius Curle
Benjamin Curle
Horace Curle
A.L. Curle
Thomas Curle
Robt. Curle
Frank Curle
Ernest Curle
Philip Curle
Leonard Curle

Top female forenames

Mary Curle
Elizabeth Curle
Sarah Curle
Annie Curle
Emma Curle
Emily Curle
Ellen Curle
Rebecca Curle
Margaret Curle
Alice Curle
Esther Curle
Ann Curle
Louisa Curle
Eliza Curle
Jane Curle
Marian Curle
Eleanor Curle
Maria Curle
M. Curle
Alma Curle
Susan Curle
Letitia Curle
Kim Curle
K. Curle
Celia Curle
Nellie Curle
Catharine Curle
Martha Curle
Hannah Curle
Blanche Curle
Ethel Curle
Anna Curle
Amelia Curle
Lydia Curle
Ellenor Curle
Lilian Curle
Elizabeth.G. Curle
Selina Curle
Leonora Curle
Elizab. Curle
Rosetta Curle
Kate Curle
Phoebe Curle
Julia Curle
Catherine Curle
Isabella Curle
Caroline Curle
Marion Curle
Florence Curle

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Laborer Out Of Employ
Errand Boy
Domestic Servant
Foresters Daughter
No Occupation
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Licensed Victualler
Agr Lab
Farm Servant (Indr)
Engine Smith
Hotel Clerk
Wood Turner
Fisherman Wife
Foreign Cor...
Foreman Gardener
Forester (Wd Man)
Foresters Wife
Genl Lab
Gen Lab
General Dealer
Dairy Maid (Ag Lab)
Domestic Servt (Household)
Blacksmith Unemployed
Bottle Maker 8 Men 10 Boys
Clerk And Excise Officer H M Customs Superanuated
Clerk Coal Trade
Coal Trimmer
Colliery Engineer
Cook Domestic Serv
Cooper (Employing 5 Men & 5 Boys)
Cooper Wife
Assurance Agent
Dental Student
Dom Serv