Currah in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Currah
Joseph Currah
William Currah
Thomas Currah
George Currah
Richard Currah
Ralph Currah
Isaac Currah
Edwin Currah
Robert Currah
Charles Currah
Jonathan Currah
James Currah
Henry Currah
Emerson Currah
Thos. Currah
Stanley Currah
Reuben Currah
Nicholas Currah
Samuel Currah
Edmund Currah
Nathaniel Currah
Jos.Emmerson Currah
Wm.John Currah

Top female forenames

Mary Currah
Elizabeth Currah
Annie Currah
Ann Currah
Sarah Currah
Fanny Currah
Jane Currah
Hannah Currah
Emily Currah
Margaret Currah
Gertrude Currah
Frances Currah
Jessie Currah
Isabella Currah
Bridget Currah
Joan Currah
Beatrice Currah
Thomasina Currah
Susanah Currah
Alice Currah
Ruth Currah
Peggy Currah
Catherine Currah
Louise Currah
Bessie Currah
Arabella Currah
Tamar Currah
Sarrah Currah
Hanah Currah
Sally Currah
George Currah
Rebecca Currah
Minnie Currah
Ellen Currah
Marina Currah
Elisabeth Currah
Lucy Currah

Top occupations

Lead Miner
Ag Lab
Farmers Son
Engine Fitters Apprentice
Farm Serv
Engine Driver
No Occupation
Game Watcher
Fishing Apprentice (Fisherman)
Gen Serv (Domestic)
Farmer And Lead Miners Wife
General Servant
General Servant (Domestic)
Highway Lab
General Serv
Mariners Wife
Lead Ore Washer
Lead Miners W
Lead Miner (Unemployed Ill Health)
Keeper Of House ?
Interest Of Money
Inspectors Wife
Inspector Police
Inspector Of Police
Farmers Daur
Farmer Of 8 Acres
Butchers Assistant
Butcher & Farmer
Boot Maker
Bailiff (Farm)
Assistant To Surgeon
Apprentice To Machinist (Ag 10/l)
Dairymaid (Ag Lab)
Engine Fitters Labourer
Farmer Of 60 Acres Employing 2 Boys
Farmer Of 22 Acres And Lead Miner
Farmer Of 150 Acres
Farmer 306 Acres
Farmer & Butcher
Agrl. Laborer
Exhibition Proprietor