Curt in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Curt
Joseph Curt
Edward Curt
George Curt
Thomas Curt
John Curt
Frank Curt
Charles Curt
Sydney Curt
Robert Curt
Reginald Curt
Henry Curt
Frederick Curt
Willie Curt
Samuel Curt
Richard Curt
Leopold Curt

Top female forenames

Ann Curt
Elizabeth Curt
Eliza Curt
Blanche Curt
Susan Curt
Agnes Curt
Rachel Curt
Leaner Curt
Helen Curt
Etty Curt
Catharine Curt
Beatrice Curt
Susannah Curt
Alice Curt
Sarah Curt
Mary Curt
Henrietta Curt
Hannah Curt
Elizth. Curt

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Dress Maker
Servant (Domestic)
Agricultural Lab
Right Hon Lady
Plumber & Glazier
Numismatist In Coins
Mercantile Clerk
Lawyers Clerk
Barrister In Practice M A Cantab
Labourer On Docks
Hotel Clerk
Greenwich Pensioner
Gardeners Lab (N D)
Wife Of Parish Clerk