Cussins in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Cussins
George Cussins
William Cussins
Benjamin Cussins
Joseph Cussins
Frederick Cussins
Robert Cussins
Lanclot Cussins
Fredrick Cussins
Wass Cussins
Francis Cussins
Thomas Cussins
E. Cussins
Martin Cussins
Lancelot Cussins
Job Cussins
Henry Cussins
Thos. Cussins
Edward Cussins
Chas. Cussins
Kidson Cussins
James Cussins
Harry Cussins

Top female forenames

Mary Cussins
Ann Cussins
Maria Cussins
Annie Cussins
Hannah Cussins
Sarah Cussins
Eliza Cussins
Rachel Cussins
Anna Cussins
Alice Cussins
Julia Cussins
Harriet Cussins
Frances Cussins
Esther Cussins
Elizabeth Cussins
Ruth Cussins
Charlott Cussins
Polley Cussins
Anne Cussins
Martha Cussins
Margaret Cussins
Jane Cussins
Florence Cussins
Emily Cussins

Top occupations

Farmers Daur
Coal Miner
Farmers Son
Farmers Wife
Ag Lab
Blanket Weaver
Retired Draper
Housemaid (Dom)
Joiner & Huckster
Private (Soldier)
Monthly Nurse
Merchants Wife
Farmer(Of 132 Acres)
Coal Merchant
Domestic Servant
Domestic Svt
Drapers Apprentice
Farm Labourer (Ag)
Farm Serv Indoor
Farmer 600 Acres 5 M 3 Boys
Farmer Of 41 Acres
Soldiers Wife