Custance in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Custance
George Custance
John Custance
Charles Custance
Henry Custance
James Custance
Thomas Custance
Walter Custance
Alfred Custance
Arthur Custance
Edward Custance
Richard Custance
Robert Custance
David Custance
Fredrick Custance
Mark Custance
Frederick Custance
Joseph Custance
Daniel Custance
Chas. Custance
Fredk. Custance
Wm. Custance
Frederic Custance
Harry Custance
Norris Custance
Geo.H. Custance
Frank Custance
Thos. Custance
Alphonza Custance
Sydney Custance
Albert Custance
J.C. Custance
Edgar Custance
Samuel Custance
Hugh Custance
Deneys Custance
Obadiah Custance
Claude Custance
Noah Custance
G.W. Custance
Myles Custance
Cecil Custance
Joshua Custance
Arther Custance
Jonathan Custance
Edwin Custance
Edmond Custance
Stephen Custance
Alan Custance
J. Custance

Top female forenames

Mary Custance
Elizabeth Custance
Sarah Custance
Jane Custance
Emma Custance
Annie Custance
Rose Custance
Emily Custance
Martha Custance
Alice Custance
Amelia Custance
Harriet Custance
Betsy Custance
Eliza Custance
Ann Custance
Ada Custance
Fanny Custance
Ellen Custance
Isabella Custance
Agnes Custance
Gertrude Custance
Louisa Custance
Charlotte Custance
Kate Custance
Anne Custance
Harriett Custance
Frances Custance
Christiana Custance
Lizzie Custance
Matilda Custance
Anna Custance
Helen Custance
Eleanor Custance
Maria Custance
Susanne Custance
Dorcas Custance
Lucy Custance
S.A. Custance
Christina Custance
Flora Custance
Lillian Custance
Evelyn Custance
Rachel Custance
Carrie Custance
Evangeline Custance
Penelope Custance
Jeannie Custance
Nelly Custance
Beatrice Custance
Elizth. Custance

Top occupations

Iron Moulder
Straw Hat Machinist
Domestic Servant
Labourer In Iron Works
Boot Machinist
Billiard Marker
Farm Servant
Straw Hat Sewer
Straw Hat Blocker
(Butcher) Servant
Sewer Straw Hat
Sewer Of Hats
Shop Keeper
Yarn Twister
Curate Of Blyth
Curates Wife
Daily Governess (Sch)
Dom Serv
Engineman (Rly Driver)
Domestic Serv Nurse
Engine Fitter At Iron Works
Dress Maker
Engine Driver Locomotive
Ag Lab
Ag. Lab.
Blocker Of Hats
Boiler Maker
Bookbinders Boy
Butcher unemployed
Capt. R.A. (Res)
Carpenter & Forman
Carpenter (No Oc)
Chemist Errand Boy
Civil Clerk Telegraphist
Clergymans Daur
Clergymans Widow
Clothiers Assistant (Tailor)