Dacey in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dacey
William Dacey
James Dacey
Michael Dacey
Jeremiah Dacey
Thomas Dacey
Patrick Dacey
Cornelius Dacey
Wm. Dacey
Dennis Dacey
Edward Dacey
Henry Dacey
Alfred Dacey
Thos. Dacey
Daniel Dacey
Charles Dacey
George Dacey
Michl. Dacey
Tom Dacey
J. Dacey
Mike Dacey
Joseph Dacey
Corney Dacey
Owen Dacey
Isaac Dacey
Cornelias Dacey
Arthur Dacey
Hannah Dacey
Anthony Dacey
Martin Dacey
Frederick Dacey
Lawerance Dacey
Dominic Dacey
Sydny Dacey
Jeremy Dacey
Denis Dacey
Peter Dacey
Jas. Dacey
Patk. Dacey
Hy. Dacey
Micheal Dacey
Harry Dacey
Antony Dacey
Matthew Dacey
Andrew Dacey
Lorance Dacey
Frank Dacey
Timothy Dacey
Dominick Dacey
Jno. Dacey

Top female forenames

Mary Dacey
Ellen Dacey
Margaret Dacey
Catherine Dacey
Ann Dacey
Hannah Dacey
Kate Dacey
Sarah Dacey
Jane Dacey
Louisa Dacey
Eliza Dacey
Elizabeth Dacey
Johanna Dacey
Annie Dacey
Agnes Dacey
Julia Dacey
Rose Dacey
Bridget Dacey
Margt. Dacey
Anastasia Dacey
Emily Dacey
Cathrine Dacey
Minnie Dacey
Hannorah Dacey
Gertrude Dacey
Margret Dacey
Florence Dacey
Emma Dacey
Susannah Dacey
Katherine Dacey
Silicia Dacey
Eden Dacey
Nelley Dacey
Helena Dacey
Cealia Dacey
Nancy Dacey
Hanora Dacey
Cathr. Dacey
Matilda Dacey
Frances Dacey
Anne Dacey
Fanny Dacey
Llauretta Dacey
Susan Dacey
Elenora Dacey
Nellie Dacey
Isabella Dacey
Charlotte Dacey
Nary Dacey
Harriet Dacey

Top occupations

General Labourer
Dock Labourer
General Laborer
Farm Labourer
Domestic Servant
Lab Iron Works
Bricklayers Laborer
Brick Labourer
Genl Labourer
Book Folder
Dom Serv
Groom Dom
Labourer Daur
Cotton Spinner
Laborer In Iron Works
Dock Labourer (Serv)
Bricklayers Labourer
Green Grocer
Grocer Labourer Daur
Masons Labourer
Hobbling Labourer
Lab (Hop)
Flower Seller
Furnace Man (Iron) (Fac Lab)
French Polisher
Bank Messenger
Formerly Farm Labourer
Fish Porter
Bricklayer Labrs Wife
Wretcher In Mill
Coal Backer
Coal Miner
Cook & Hse Keeper Of Office
Cotton Rover
Dock Laborer
Coal Porter
Bricklayers (Labr)