Dadd in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dadd
George Dadd
John Dadd
James Dadd
Charles Dadd
Thomas Dadd
Frederick Dadd
Richard Dadd
Arthur Dadd
Edward Dadd
Stephen Dadd
Henry Dadd
Ernest Dadd
Albert Dadd
Robert Dadd
Harry Dadd
Richd. Dadd
Alfred Dadd
Walter Dadd
Fredk. Dadd
Fred Dadd
Murdock Dadd
Francis Dadd
Wm.Edwd. Dadd
Alexander Dadd
Wilfred.K. Dadd
Herbt. Dadd
Edward.W. Dadd
Geo.Thos. Dadd
David Dadd
Rupert Dadd
Geo.Benjn. Dadd
Charley Dadd
Fredk.R. Dadd
Benjn. Dadd
Phillip.J.S. Dadd
Barton Dadd
Percy Dadd
Frank Dadd
Filmer Dadd
Isaac Dadd
Edwd.W. Dadd
Edward.M. Dadd
Sydney Dadd
Denis Dadd
Sidney Dadd
Geo.F. Dadd
Chas.Fredk. Dadd
Fredrick Dadd
Benjamin Dadd

Top female forenames

Mary Dadd
Elizabeth Dadd
Sarah Dadd
Emma Dadd
Eliza Dadd
Ellen Dadd
Alice Dadd
Emily Dadd
Ann Dadd
Harriett Dadd
Frances Dadd
Rose Dadd
Louisa Dadd
Alma Dadd
Kate Dadd
Minnie Dadd
Jane Dadd
Agnes Dadd
Sophia Dadd
Edith Dadd
Florence Dadd
Amelia Dadd
Nellie Dadd
Jessie Dadd
Selina Dadd
Martha Dadd
Catherine Dadd
Annie Dadd
Polly Dadd
Elizth.M. Dadd
Olive Dadd
Elenor Dadd
Matilda Dadd
Marva Dadd
Hannah Dadd
Clara Dadd
Marjory Dadd
Frances.R. Dadd
Rosetta Dadd
Caroline Dadd
Mable Dadd
Rosa Dadd
Bessy Dadd
Lucy Dadd
Rachel Dadd
Anne Dadd
Lizzie Dadd
Phoebe Dadd
Lauria Dadd
Eliz. Dadd

Top occupations

General Lab
Domestic Servant
Cabinet Maker
Builders Assistant
Carpenter & Joiner
Licensed Victualler
Retired Farmer
Agri Lab
Boot Maker
Bonet Shape Maker
General Laborer
No Occupation
Ironstone Miner
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 142 Acres Employing 2 Men And 1 Boy
French Polisher
Workbox Maker
Formerly Seamstress
Formerly Domestic Servt
Engine & Machine Fitter
Factory Girl (Lab)
Farmer Wife
Farm Servant (Indoors)
Farmer 200 Acres 2 Men 2 Boys
Farm Servant (In Door)
Calker (Ship)
Artist Figure Painter
Assistant At Home
Beer House Keeper
Boilermaker H M Dkyd
Cabt Maker
Caulker (Ship)
Chapel Keeper
Char woman
Cigar Maker
Clark S.E.R.Station
Clerk Post Office
Cook Domes Servt