Dafforn in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dafforn
Frederick Dafforn
G. Dafforn
F.J. Dafforn
Bertie Dafforn
Arthur Dafforn
William Dafforn
Tom Dafforn
Louis Dafforn
J. Dafforn
Charles Dafforn
Benjamin Dafforn
Walter Dafforn
Samuel Dafforn

Top female forenames

Mary Dafforn
Alice Dafforn
Elizabeth Dafforn
Eleanor Dafforn
Ann Dafforn
Sapientia Dafforn
Ada Dafforn
Martha Dafforn
Lizzie Dafforn
Julia Dafforn
Gertrude Dafforn
Emma Dafforn
Eliza Dafforn
Clara Dafforn
Sophia Dafforn
M. Dafforn
Larham Dafforn
Jessie Dafforn
Everline Dafforn

Top occupations

Bricklayers Labr
No Occupation
Paper Hanger
Servant (Dom)
Shop Keeper (Tripe Dresser)
Tailors Foreman
Tube Dresser ((Bricklayers Labr))
Laundry Made
Income From House And Annuity
Farm Lab
Dress Maker
Dairyman & Tripe Dresser
Book Binder
Wine & Spirit Merchant