Dailey in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dailey
James Dailey
William Dailey
Thomas Dailey
Joseph Dailey
George Dailey
Patrick Dailey
Edward Dailey
Michael Dailey
Henry Dailey
Ephraim Dailey
Charles Dailey
Frederick Dailey
Robert Dailey
Harry Dailey
Benjamin Dailey
Peter Dailey
Martin Dailey
Daniel Dailey
W. Dailey
Bridget Dailey
Robt.J. Dailey
Richard Dailey
Harcourt Dailey
Archibald Dailey
Fredk. Dailey
Alexd. Dailey
Orlando Dailey
Francis Dailey
Waler Dailey
Dionynus Dailey
Timothy Dailey
Terence Dailey
Jno. Dailey
Rupert Dailey
Hugh Dailey
Bernard Dailey
Bartram Dailey
Rich. Dailey
Archer Dailey
Nicholas Dailey
Ernest Dailey
Will.J.J. Dailey
Mathew Dailey
Leonard Dailey
David Dailey
Clifton Dailey
Stephen Dailey

Top female forenames

Mary Dailey
Elizabeth Dailey
Ellen Dailey
Catherine Dailey
Ann Dailey
Sarah Dailey
Margaret Dailey
Jane Dailey
Eliza Dailey
Emma Dailey
Isabella Dailey
Alice Dailey
Jessie Dailey
Annie Dailey
Emily Dailey
Julia Dailey
Hannah Dailey
Bridget Dailey
Anne Dailey
Amelia Dailey
Kate Dailey
Rose Dailey
Charlotte Dailey
Leavina Dailey
Rebecca Dailey
Cicily Dailey
Ada Dailey
Christian Dailey
Mariah Dailey
Helena Dailey
Margt. Dailey
Grace Dailey
Betsy Dailey
Mahalah Dailey
Florence Dailey
Belinda Dailey
Madeleine Dailey
Eva Dailey
Lilly Dailey
Susannah Dailey
Katherine Dailey
Allicha Dailey
Clara Dailey
Rachel Dailey
Agnes Dailey
Cicely Dailey
Martha Dailey
Henrietta Dailey
Maria Dailey
Gertrude Dailey

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Cotton Weaver
General Laborer
Cotton Operative
Weaver Cotton
Tobacco Spinner
Coal Merchant
Domestic Servant
Linen Wvr (Power Loom)
Cotton Doubler
General B Smith
Out Labourer
General Servant
Private 56th Regiment
Apprentice Blacksmith
Rag Dealer
Cotton Winder
Boot And Shoe Finisher
No Occupation
Engineman (Dr 22)
Factory Operative (Lab)
Engineers Clerk
Engine Driver (Builders)
Engine Driver
Factory Hand Operative
Errand Boy
Engineman (Driver)
Worsted Winder
Boiler Maker
Bootmaker Closer
Card Room Hand
Army Schoolmistress
Cigar Maker
Coal Heaver
Colly Labr