Dain in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dain
William Dain
Henry Dain
Thomas Dain
George Dain
Edward Dain
Charles Dain
Major Dain
James Dain
Richard Dain
Christopher Dain
Benjamin Dain
Frederick Dain
Joseph Dain
Ralph Dain
Herbert Dain
Harry Dain
Arther Dain
Frank Dain
Samuel Dain
Horace Dain
Arthur Dain
Albert Dain
Francis Dain
Jas.M. Dain
Emile Dain
Robert Dain
Horatio Dain
Edgar Dain
Dennis Dain
Peter Dain
Chas. Dain
Missing Dain
George. Dain
Martha Dain
Geo. Dain
Leopold Dain
Ernest Dain
Earnest Dain
Pierre Dain
Noah Dain
Gerard Dain
Matthew Dain
Mark Dain
Fredrick Dain
Louis Dain
Frederic Dain
Willm. Dain

Top female forenames

Mary Dain
Elizabeth Dain
Sarah Dain
Margaret Dain
Jane Dain
Eliza Dain
Frances Dain
Agnes Dain
Hannah Dain
Ellen Dain
Alice Dain
Jessie Dain
Gertrude Dain
Catherine Dain
Fanny Dain
Louisa Dain
Emma Dain
Harriet Dain
Martha Dain
Caroline Dain
Annie Dain
Edith Dain
Christabella Dain
Maria Dain
Lydia Dain
Betty Dain
Ethel Dain
Apaline Dain
Lily Dain
T.C.A. Dain
Ann Dain
Lidia Dain
Jesse Dain
Rebecca Dain
Ada Dain
Hester Dain
Diana Dain
Maud Dain
Constance Dain
Gerty Dain
Chas. Dain
Lucy Dain
Eveline Dain
Augusta Dain
Lizzie Dain
Esther Dain
Lilian Dain
Emilie Dain
Sophia Dain
Amy Dain

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Servant Domestic
Chemist (& D)
Farm Laborer
Agricultural Laborer
Pawnbrokers Assistant
Engine Fitter
Farmer Out Of Employ
Farmer Son
Dress & Mantle Maker
Drapers Warehouseman
Wife Of Plumber
Errand Boy Unemp
Estate Agent & Farmer (Ho)
Farmer Of 40 Acres Employing 1 Lab
Factory Worker
Farmer Of 174 Acres Emp 1 Lab & 1 Boy
Farmer Of 150 Acres Employing 2 Lab
Farmer Of 130 Acres Employing 1 Man
Farm Labrour
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Decorator (Painter)
Cooper Master Employing 3 Boys
Breaksman (Ry)
Boot Maker Clicker
Auctioneers Assistant
Auctioneer General Dealer
At School (Sch)
At Home
Architectural Draughsman
Apprentice Veterinary Surgeon
Brewers Labourer
Certificated Mistress (bhg England)
Cooper And Case Maker
Commercial Traveller
Commercial Clerk
Coachman (Dom)
Clerk Of London Stock Exchange
Clerk Comcial For Metal