Daker in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Daker
John Daker
George Daker
Alfred Daker
Harry Daker
Wm. Daker
James Daker
Fred Daker
Joseph Daker
Albert Daker
Franz Daker
Christopher Daker
Thomas Daker
Robert Daker
Willie Daker
Frederick Daker
Willey Daker
Squire Daker
Etan Daker
Robinson Daker
Elijah Daker
Mark Daker
Arthur Daker
Isac Daker
Fredrick Daker
Franes Daker
Samuel Daker
Ernest Daker
Edmund Daker
Charles Daker
Andrew Daker
Isaac Daker
Young Daker

Top female forenames

Mary Daker
Elizabeth Daker
Emma Daker
Martha Daker
Ellen Daker
Sarah Daker
Harriet Daker
Frances Daker
Margaret Daker
Hannah Daker
Jane Daker
Annie Daker
Agnes Daker
Elizth. Daker
Eliza Daker
Caroline Daker
Ann Daker
Lucy Daker
Whilelmina Daker
Louisa Daker
Susan Daker
Laura Daker
Clara Daker
Josephine Daker
Bety Daker
Rosetta Daker
Rachel Daker
Amanda Daker
Matilda Daker
Fanny Daker
Emily Daker
Wilelmina Daker
Louise Daker
Sushannah Daker
Lavinia Daker
Sirrie Daker
Kezia Daker
Ruth Daker
Jeanie Daker
Bertha Daker
Rose Daker
Isaac Daker
Pauline Daker
Alice Daker
Florance Daker
Abigail Daker
Maria Daker

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
C Miner
Labour at Coal Mine
D Servant
Farm Labourer
Stone Chipper (Stone Quarry)
Farm Laboure (AG) Daur
Agricultural Lab
Serv (Dom)
Farm Laboure (AG) Son
Farmer Of 21 Acres
Governess (Teacher)
General Servant Domestic
General Laborer
Gen Serv
Forge Man (Iron)
Laundry Maid
Labourer's Wife
Labourer Wire Mill Wife
Labourer Wire Mill
Labourer In Dyehouse
Ironstone Miner
Iron Roler Wife
Iron Roler
Hurrier (Coal)
Cotton Cleaner
Farm Laboure (AG) Wife
Carrier For Grocer
Cabinet Maker
Breeze Dealer (Charcoal)
Beer Seller
At Home
Worsted Machine Hand
Cook (Dom)
Farm Laboure (AG)
Engine Tenter Wife
Engine Tenter
Domestic Servant
Cotton Weaver
Cotton Drier At Print Works (C P)
Corporation Watchman