Dakers in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dakers
William Dakers
Thomas Dakers
James Dakers
Robert Dakers
Michael Dakers
George Dakers
Joseph Dakers
Frederick Dakers
David Dakers
Andrew Dakers
H.H. Dakers
Samuel Dakers
Ralph Dakers
Philip Dakers
Alexander Dakers
Matthew Dakers
Hugh Dakers
Harry Dakers
Wm. Dakers
Edward Dakers
Cuthbert Dakers
Phillip Dakers
Alfred Dakers
Henry Dakers

Top female forenames

Mary Dakers
Ann Dakers
Elizabeth Dakers
Margaret Dakers
Isabella Dakers
Frances Dakers
Jane Dakers
Alice Dakers
Annie Dakers
Hannah Dakers
Eliza Dakers
Louisa Dakers
Catherine Dakers
Maria Dakers
Emily Dakers
Margreat Dakers
Dora Dakers
Lavinia Dakers
Agnes Dakers
Sarah Dakers
Nelly Dakers
Esther Dakers
Matilda Dakers
Emelia Dakers
Margret Dakers
Eleanor Dakers
Charles Dakers
Linman Dakers
Violet Dakers
Rachel Dakers
Ethel Dakers
N.C. Dakers
Ellen Dakers
Margt. Dakers

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Domestic Servant
Servant Dom
Pupil Teacher
Railway Carr Repairer
Juvenile Offender Under Detention
Second Mate
Insurance Clerk
Income From Property
Income From House Property
House Keeper
Lithographic Artist
Manager Of Coal Mine (Mine Servt)
Provision Dealer
Pit Man
Onsetter (At Colliery)
Office Boy (Err)
Mining Engineer (Manchester Corporation)
Mining Engineer
Purveyor If Cats Meat
Mantle Hand
Grocers Assistant
Bank Labourer (At Colliery)
Chemists Manager & Representative
Chemist & Druggist
Candle Manufacturer
Cabinet Maker
Basket Maker
Assurance Agent Wife
Assurance Agent
Apprentice (Candle)
AB Seaman
Collier Surveyor (3/6)
Genl Dealer
Field Worker Ag Lab
Druggist Wife
Druggist Clerk
Dress Maker
Colliery Clerks Wife
Colliery Clerk