Daking in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Daking
Robert Daking
Charles Daking
William Daking
Thomas Daking
H.W. Daking
Frederick Daking
Edward Daking
Augustus Daking
Abra. Daking
Wilfred Daking
James Daking
Fredric Daking
Ernest Daking
Arthur Daking

Top female forenames

Helen Daking
Rachel Daking
Mary Daking
Matilda Daking
Lydia Daking
Kate Daking
Emily Daking
Elizabeth Daking
Edith Daking
Amy Daking
Adelaide Daking
Leonora Daking
Jane Daking
Florence Daking
Ellen Daking
Eliza Daking
Ann Daking
Sarah Daking
Agness Daking

Top occupations

Farmers Wife
Farmers Son
Fey Shopkeeper
Labours Mason
Labours Wife
Miller Corn
Nurse Domestic
Farmer Son
Farmer Of 370 Acres Employing 16 Men 1 Boy
Commercial Traveller In Agricultural Manures
Farm Laborer (Ag Lab)
Farmer Employing 8 Men 2 Boys On 137 Acres
Farmer Employing 9 Men On 123 Acres
Farmer Of 185 Acres Employing 9 Men 2 Boys
Solicitors General Clerk