Dakins in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Dakins
William Dakins
James Dakins
Thomas Dakins
George Dakins
Edward Dakins
Price Dakins
Joseph Dakins
Robert Dakins
Godfrey Dakins
Emanuel Dakins
Edger Dakins
Thos. Dakins
Charles Dakins
Samuel Dakins
Richard Dakins
Moses Dakins
Henry Dakins
Whilliam Dakins
David Dakins

Top female forenames

Mary Dakins
Jane Dakins
Ann Dakins
Sarah Dakins
Margaret Dakins
Eliza Dakins
Harriet Dakins
Frances Dakins
Emma Dakins
Ellen Dakins
Catherine Dakins
Margt. Dakins
Annie Dakins
Hannah Dakins
Florence Dakins
Emily Dakins
Elizabeth Dakins
Charlotte Dakins
Martha Dakins
Betsy Dakins
Marget Dakins
Anne Dakins
Kesiah Dakins

Top occupations

Gen Lab
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Domestic Servant
Coal Miner
Cowman (Ag Lab)
Ag Lab
Farmers Wife
Spinner (Cotton)
Labours Whife
Retired Farmer
Milk Dealer
Joiner & Carpenter
Retired Farmer Daughter
Retired Surgeons Daughter
Retired Surgeons Widow
Under Gardner
Serv Domestic
Sevant (Farm)
Shoe Maker
Timber Yard Labourer
Iron Stone Lab
Income Derived From Interest Of Money
General Serv Unemployed
Ag Labourer
Bakehouse Assistant Keeper
Coach Painter
Domestic Servant Unemployed
Engine Driver
Farm Labourer
Farm Serv (Indoor)
Farmer Acres N K
Farmer Of 65 Acres
Farmer Of 73 Acres 2 Labourers
Farmers Son
Farmers Whife
Formerly Chairwoman
Foundry Laborer