Dalgliesh in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Dalgliesh
William Dalgliesh
Robert Dalgliesh
James Dalgliesh
Thomas Dalgliesh
Henry Dalgliesh
George Dalgliesh
Edward Dalgliesh
Ernest Dalgliesh
Adam Dalgliesh
Wm. Dalgliesh
Walter Dalgliesh
Percy Dalgliesh
G. Dalgliesh
Arthur Dalgliesh
Joseph Dalgliesh
Harry Dalgliesh
Geo. Dalgliesh
Evan Dalgliesh
Alocunden Dalgliesh
Thaedore Dalgliesh

Top female forenames

Mary Dalgliesh
Elizabeth Dalgliesh
Sarah Dalgliesh
Janet Dalgliesh
Isabella Dalgliesh
Jane Dalgliesh
Florence Dalgliesh
Susannah Dalgliesh
Edith Dalgliesh
Christina Dalgliesh
Margaret Dalgliesh
Annie Dalgliesh
Lillies Dalgliesh
Alies Dalgliesh
Jullian Dalgliesh
Agnes Dalgliesh
Jessie Dalgliesh
Harriet Dalgliesh
Christinia Dalgliesh
Martha Dalgliesh
Bertha Dalgliesh
Lucy Dalgliesh
Ameis Dalgliesh
Kezia Dalgliesh
Alice Dalgliesh
Julia Dalgliesh

Top occupations

Agricultural Labourer
Fitter Engineer
Waggoner Al
Wholesale Stationer
Provision Dealer
Planter (Other Ag)
Manages His House
M D (Not Practising)
Light House Keeper
(Manager Of Gas Works) Gas Engineer (Fitter)
Artist (Painting)
Chief Constable (Boro)
Copper Plate Printer
Dock Clerk
General Hawker
Governess (School)
Interest Of Money
Woollen Weaver