Dalrymple in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dalrymple
John Dalrymple
James Dalrymple
George Dalrymple
Joseph Dalrymple
Charles Dalrymple
Thomas Dalrymple
Alexander Dalrymple
Robert Dalrymple
David Dalrymple
Andrew Dalrymple
Alfred Dalrymple
Hugh Dalrymple
Henry Dalrymple
Albert Dalrymple
Peter Dalrymple
Wm. Dalrymple
Walter Dalrymple
Stour Dalrymple
Harry Dalrymple
Richard Dalrymple
Gordon Dalrymple
Ponsonby Dalrymple
Alan Dalrymple
Percy Dalrymple
Frederick Dalrymple
Kew Dalrymple
Edwd. Dalrymple
Wm.C. Dalrymple
Edgar Dalrymple
Tom Dalrymple
Arthur Dalrymple
Amelia Dalrymple
Hamilton Dalrymple
Alexr. Dalrymple
Quentin Dalrymple
Gleyn Dalrymple
Fredk. Dalrymple
Percival Dalrymple
Fred. Dalrymple
Wm.Hugh Dalrymple
Joshua Dalrymple
Edward Dalrymple
Huw Dalrymple
Birtie Dalrymple
Thos. Dalrymple
Hewson Dalrymple

Top female forenames

Mary Dalrymple
Margaret Dalrymple
Jane Dalrymple
Ann Dalrymple
Sarah Dalrymple
Elizabeth Dalrymple
Isabella Dalrymple
Annie Dalrymple
Charlotte Dalrymple
Ellen Dalrymple
Janet Dalrymple
Ada Dalrymple
Kate Dalrymple
Fanny Dalrymple
Sophia Dalrymple
Emma Dalrymple
Agnes Dalrymple
Maggie Dalrymple
Helen Dalrymple
Hannah Dalrymple
Frances Dalrymple
Elizh. Dalrymple
Alice Dalrymple
Adah Dalrymple
Dorothy Dalrymple
Grace Dalrymple
Catherine Dalrymple
Laura Dalrymple
Anne Dalrymple
Elizth. Dalrymple
Margueritta Dalrymple
Isabela Dalrymple
Margret Dalrymple
Helopet Dalrymple
Edith Dalrymple
Constance Dalrymple
Louisa Dalrymple
Susan Dalrymple
Letitia Dalrymple
Caroline Dalrymple
Polly Dalrymple
Bessy Dalrymple
Jessey Dalrymple
Ethel Dalrymple
Minnie Dalrymple
Marian Dalrymple
Anna Dalrymple
Isabell Dalrymple
Margt. Dalrymple
Henrietta Dalrymple

Top occupations

Commercial Clerk
Coal Miner
No Occupation
Travelling Draper (Artiz)
Engine Fitter
Housekeeper Dom
Servant (Dom)
Daily Governess
Domestic Servant
Staff Serjt 2Nd N D Militia Daughter
Foreman Engine Fitter
Writer To The Signet Of The Superior Court Of Scotland (Solicitor)
Foreman Tailor
Framework Knitter
Gen Serv (Dom)
Druggists Assistant
E I & C S Marine Dept Madras Presidency
Engine Driver
Farmer Of 170 Acres (Employing 2 Laborers)
Ex Pupil Teacher
Engineer Student
Engine Fitter Wife
Engine Smith (E & M)
Clerk Of Works
Apprentice Cabinet Maker
Apprentice Printer
Bank Clerk
Boilersmith Wife
Bookeeper (Clerk)
Boy 1st Class
Coach Painter
Coal Miner Wife
Coke Burner
Commission Agent
Corn Merchants Foreman
Dispensary Manager