Damerell in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Damerell
William Damerell
Thomas Damerell
James Damerell
Henry Damerell
Robert Damerell
Charles Damerell
Arthur Damerell
Frederick Damerell
Edward Damerell
Albert Damerell
George Damerell
Alfred Damerell
Harry Damerell
Thos. Damerell
Sydney Damerell
Rowlan Damerell
Ernest Damerell
Robt.G.H. Damerell
Edwd. Damerell
Edmond Damerell
Oscar Damerell
Chas. Damerell
Baltimore Damerell
Fredrick Damerell
Samuel Damerell
Frank Damerell
Roger Damerell
Edwin Damerell
Robt. Damerell
Richard Damerell
Duncan Damerell
Martin Damerell
Jno. Damerell

Top female forenames

Mary Damerell
Elizabeth Damerell
Ellen Damerell
Susanna Damerell
Bessie Damerell
Sarah Damerell
Emily Damerell
Susan Damerell
Emma Damerell
Maud Damerell
Eliza Damerell
Jane Damerell
Harriett Damerell
Elisabeth Damerell
Ida Damerell
Caroline Damerell
Florence Damerell
Alice Damerell
Eva Damerell
Maria Damerell
Louisa Damerell
Elizth. Damerell
Julia Damerell
Edith Damerell
Hetty Damerell
Catherine Damerell
Tabitha Damerell
Henrietta Damerell
C.L. Damerell
Ann Damerell
Ruth Damerell
Fanny Damerell
Madeline Damerell
Kate Damerell
Jessie Damerell
Clara Damerell
Hester Damerell
Harriette Damerell

Top occupations

Farmers Son
Ag Lab
Farmers Daur
Letter Carrier
Gardener (D)
Gen Labr
Shipwright H M Dockyd
Dress Maker
Farm Labourer
Gardener Wife
Farming 220 Acres Emp 1 Labourer
Farming 180 Acres 1 Labourer 3 Boys
Farmers Wife
Marine Store Dealer
Gas Fitter
Gen Serv
Mantle Maker
Labourer General
Grocers Appe
Genl Servant Domestic
Genl Labourer
Marine Store Dealer (G S)
General Carpenter
General Servant
Farmers Daughter In Law
Chair Repairer (Cane)
Carter ((...))
Carpenters Wife
Carp Crew
Cab Driver
Borough Surveyors Assistant
Agril Laborer
Agricultural Labourer
Cook Domestic Servant
Corporation Constable (Mun)
Farmers Assistant (Ag Lab)
Farmer Of 60 Acres
Farmer 9 Acres
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Factory Boy
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Derived From Intr Of Money
Daughter In Law