Dames in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dames
Arthur Dames
Joseph Dames
Edward Dames
Alfred Dames
Walter Dames
John Dames
Herbert Dames
Chas. Dames
James Dames
Henry Dames
George Dames
Frank Dames
Benjamin Dames
Harry Dames
Geo.Bower Dames
Francis Dames

Top female forenames

Mary Dames
Alice Dames
Emily Dames
Eliza Dames
Ann Dames
Agnes Dames
Elizabeth Dames
Lydia Dames
Annie Dames
Laura Dames
Isabelle Dames
Fanny Dames
Elizth. Dames
Sarah Dames
Eleanor Dames
Martha Dames
Caroline Dames
Louisa Dames
James Dames
Florance Dames
Emma Dames
Ellen Dames
Elfreida Dames
Charlotte Dames

Top occupations

Drapers Assistant
General Servant Domestic
Commercial Clerk
Agent For Cattle Condiments
Manager Of Cotton Mill
Mate (Bargeman Canal Boat)
Mill Girl (Tex)
Poultiners Assistants
Pupil Teacher (School)
Retired Banker
Shopkeeper (Hosiery & Haberdasher)
Vicar Of Kenton
Lodging House Keeper
Jewel Case Liner
Apprentice To Bookbinder
Auctioneer & Land Agent
Certified School Master
Dom Groom
Domestic Servant
Draper Outfitter & Auctioneer
Housemaid Domestic Servant
Income From House Property & Rail Shares