Damms in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

George Damms
William Damms
John Damms
Henry Damms
Charles Damms
Samuel Damms
Joseph Damms
Tom Damms
Fred Damms
Robert Damms
James Damms
Thomas Damms
Frank Damms
Richard Damms
Luke Damms
Albert Damms
Fredk. Damms
Thos Damms
Stephen Damms
Francis Damms
Mary Damms
Alfred Damms
Abraham Damms
Willm. Damms
Harry Damms
Walter Damms
Gately Damms
Timothy Damms
Frederick Damms
Ernest Damms
Benjamin Damms

Top female forenames

Mary Damms
Sarah Damms
Ellen Damms
Annie Damms
Elizabeth Damms
Eliza Damms
Florence Damms
Isabella Damms
Hannah Damms
Lucy Damms
Susan Damms
Harriett Damms
Ann Damms
Amelia Damms
Ada Damms
Lucetta Damms
Lilly Damms
Fanny Damms
Alice Damms
Margret Damms
Emma Damms
Louisa Damms
Julia Damms
Charlotte Damms
Jane Damms
Caroline Damms
Rose Damms
Hephzibah Damms
Polly Damms
Maria Damms
Emmelar Damms
Maggie Damms
Emily Damms
Edith Damms
Selina Damms
Jessia Damms
Catherine Damms
Ruth Damms
Betsey Damms
Rebecca Damms
Harriott Damms
Anne Damms
Phebe Damms
Amy Damms
Martha Damms

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Saw Grinder
Table Knife Cutler
Moulder Ironmong Stove Grate
Out Door Pauper
Jobbing Gardener Wife
Jobbing Gardener (N D)
Iron Moulder
Hosier Assistant
Heater At Steelworks
Hay Cutter
Genl Laborer
Grocer &c
Kitchen Range Fitter
Parish Clerks Wife
Parish Clerk Sexton Assurance Agent
Moulder (Iron) (Stove Grate)
Letting Lodgings
Labourer Wife
Labourer Steel Works
Laborer In Iron Works
General Serv
Gardener (N D)
Engine Driver
Edge Tool Grinder
Domestic Servant
Dom Ser Nurse
Clerk And Sexton Of Trinity Church
Cellar Boy (Steel Furnace)
Wife Of Laborer
Farm Laborer (Ag)
Farm Servant
Gardener (Dom)
Furnaceman (Fac Lab)
Furnace Man (Steel)
Furnace Man (Iron) (Fac Lab)
Formerly Serv
Filer Ironmong Stove Grate
File Cutter
Farmer With 6 A Of Land
Farmer 6 A Of Land