Darker in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Darker
William Darker
George Darker
Charles Darker
Joseph Darker
Eli Darker
Alfred Darker
Thomas Darker
Frederick Darker
Frank Darker
Arthur Darker
James Darker
Willm. Darker
Walter Darker
Peter Darker
Chas. Darker
Laurence Darker
Caroline Darker
Amos Darker
Jack Darker
Henry Darker
Wm. Darker
Richard Darker
Edwin Darker
Obabil Darker
Amiah Darker
Hugh Darker
Wm.H. Darker
Harry Darker
Geo. Darker
Fredc. Darker
Solomon Darker

Top female forenames

Mary Darker
Emma Darker
Sarah Darker
Elizabeth Darker
Ellen Darker
Annie Darker
Harriet Darker
Ann Darker
Alice Darker
Elizth. Darker
Jane Darker
Fanny Darker
Martha Darker
Maria Darker
Eliza Darker
Lucy Darker
Cecilia Darker
Helen Darker
Caroline Darker
Nellie Darker
Hannah Darker
Anna Darker
Minnie Darker
Florence Darker
Ada Darker
Marion Darker
Margret Darker
M.Hetty Darker
Elisabeth Darker
Susannah Darker
Louisa Darker
Charlotte Darker
Sue Darker
Catherine Darker
Rose Darker
Miriana Darker
Frances Darker
Matilda Darker
Adelaide Darker
Elizh. Darker
Mancey Darker
Tabitha Darker
Edith Darker
Susan Darker
Karan Darker

Top occupations

Officers Daur
Domestic Servant
Ag Lab
Stone Quarrier
House Keeper
General Servant
Coal Miner
Railway Porter
General Serv
General Labourer
General Domestic Serv
General (Lab)
Machinist (Tailor)
Errand Boy
Labourer Bricklayer
Grocer (Out Of Employ)
Groom (ND)
Hair Dresser
Iron Merchants & Com Clerk
Hosiery Machine Fitter
Glass Founder
Formerly Lace Mender
Finisher Of Lace
Warehouseman (Hosiers)
Cook D Serv
Cook (Dom)
Coal Laborer
Carpenter & Joiner
Cardmakers Manager
Captn. Army 10th. Foot ((H.P. Late))
Engine Fitter
Family Occ 1 Hundred Acres Of Land Emp 12 Men And 3 Boys
Farmers Wife
Farmer Occupying 100 Acres Employing 3 Men
Farmer 180 Acres 3 Labourers & 2 Boys
Farm Servant (Indoor)
Farm Labourer
Fancy Shoe Knitter