Darracott in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Darracott
Francis Darracott
Thomas Darracott
John Darracott
Ernest Darracott
Robert Darracott
Charles Darracott
Harry Darracott
Frederick Darracott
Claude Darracott
Alexander Darracott
Herbert Darracott
George Darracott
Edwin Darracott

Top female forenames

Elizabeth Darracott
Jane Darracott
Mary Darracott
Maria Darracott
Margaret Darracott
Ellen Darracott
Edith Darracott
Ada Darracott
Ruth Darracott
Phillippa Darracott
Lydia Darracott
Emma Darracott
Annie Darracott
Winifred Darracott
Rosamond Darracott
Maude Darracott
Martha Darracott

Top occupations

Jeweller Apprentice
Mariners Wife
Master Mariner
No Occupation
Plumber And Metal Worker
Retired Blacksmith
Retired Grocer
Retired Mariner
Retired Ship Owner
Reverend Pensioner
Ironmongers Apprentice
Ironmonger Plumber And Metal Worker
Clerk Merchant Office
Dock Laborer
Dock Laborer Sister
Draper Assistant
Draper Employing 1 Man 3 Women 1 Boy
Drapers Assistant
Family Nurse (SMS)
Generall Servant
Hair Factory Girl (Mf)
Woolen Draper & Tailor