Darrington in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Darrington
William Darrington
James Darrington
Joseph Darrington
Samuel Darrington
Thomas Darrington
George Darrington
Charles Darrington
Henry Darrington
Walter Darrington
Cornelius Darrington
Frederick Darrington
Edward Darrington
Leonard Darrington
Benjamin Darrington
Arthur Darrington
Richard Darrington
Hewitt Darrington
Benj.R. Darrington
Harry Darrington
Alfred Darrington
Geo. Darrington
Robert Darrington
Ralph Darrington
Daniel Darrington
Chas. Darrington
Johnathan Darrington
Wm. Darrington
Albert Darrington
Fredk.C. Darrington
Frank Darrington
Levi Darrington
David Darrington
L. Darrington
Jonas Darrington
Charlie Darrington
Bertram Darrington

Top female forenames

Mary Darrington
Sarah Darrington
Elizabeth Darrington
Ann Darrington
Martha Darrington
Emily Darrington
Alice Darrington
Jane Darrington
Emma Darrington
Charlotte Darrington
Harriet Darrington
Lucy Darrington
Anne Darrington
Eliza Darrington
Harriett Darrington
Hannah Darrington
Ada Darrington
Clara Darrington
Maria Darrington
Susan Darrington
Eva Darrington
Salsbury Darrington
Lois Darrington
Rebbacce Darrington
Laura Darrington
Pheoby Darrington
Julia Darrington
Elisth. Darrington
Matilda Darrington
Dorcas Darrington
Harriott Darrington
Margaret Darrington
Caroline Darrington
Mabel Darrington
Grace Darrington
Sophia Darrington
Bertha Darrington
Florence Darrington
Louisa Darrington
Ruth Darrington
Amelia Darrington
Lillie Darrington
Ellen Darrington
Phoebe Darrington
Kate Darrington
Minnie Darrington
Johannah Darrington
Edith Darrington
Helena Darrington
Catharine Darrington

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Lab (Ag)
Lace Maker
Farm Labourer
Meat Salesman
Augl Laborer
Bricklayers Labr
Plough Boy
Formerly Silk Winder
Farmers Boy
Farm Laborer
Wife Of Master Butcher
General Servant
Frame Work Knitter
Garden Labourer
General Servant Domestic
Gardener Domestic Servant
Gardener Domestic Sevt
Gardeners Wife
Gas Fitter
General Domestic Servant
General Laborer Haulier
Coal Miner Wife
Domestic Servant Nurse
Cabinet Maker
Butcher (Journeyman)
Apprentice Engineer E+M
Book Keeper (Clerk)
Bakers Wife
Ag. Labourer
Chair Caner
Coke Burner
Domestic Servant
Domestic Cook
Deputy Wife
Deputy In Coal Mine
Daur Of Master Butcher
Crape Dresser
Cord Wainer
Cook Domestic