Dartnell in the 1881 census

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Top Parishes

Top male forenames

William Dartnell
John Dartnell
Henry Dartnell
Thomas Dartnell
Arthur Dartnell
Robert Dartnell
James Dartnell
Alfred Dartnell
George Dartnell
Frederick Dartnell
Edward Dartnell
Joseph Dartnell
Daniel Dartnell
Fredk. Dartnell
Jeremiah Dartnell
Jacob Dartnell
Herbert Dartnell
Stephen Dartnell
Frank Dartnell
Walter Dartnell
Charles Dartnell
Albert Dartnell
Frederic Dartnell
Nathaniel Dartnell
Edwd. Dartnell
Wm.Hy. Dartnell
Edw. Dartnell
Tom Dartnell
Buttey Dartnell
Thos. Dartnell
Harry Dartnell
Fredrick Dartnell
Ada Dartnell
Richard Dartnell
Nathl. Dartnell
Louis Dartnell
Wm. Dartnell
Ebenezer Dartnell
Thos.John Dartnell
Hy. Dartnell
August Dartnell
Anthony Dartnell
Samuel Dartnell
Richd.W. Dartnell
Parker Dartnell

Top female forenames

Mary Dartnell
Elizabeth Dartnell
Sarah Dartnell
Jane Dartnell
Alice Dartnell
Emma Dartnell
Eliza Dartnell
Annie Dartnell
Martha Dartnell
Ann Dartnell
Louisa Dartnell
Anne Dartnell
Margaret Dartnell
Lucy Dartnell
Ellen Dartnell
Emily Dartnell
Janet Dartnell
Fanny Dartnell
Sophia Dartnell
Rose Dartnell
Caroline Dartnell
Maria Dartnell
Ella Dartnell
Selena Dartnell
Kathleen Dartnell
Rosina Dartnell
Kate Dartnell
Edith Dartnell
Nelly Dartnell
Blanche Dartnell
Matilda Dartnell
Henrietta Dartnell
Harriet Dartnell
Mabel Dartnell
Sylvestia Dartnell
Ada Dartnell
Lizzie Dartnell
Elizh. Dartnell
Katey Dartnell
Jennie Dartnell
Minnie Dartnell
Arabella Dartnell
Harriett Dartnell
Annica Dartnell
Gertrude Dartnell
Mar Dartnell
Ethel Dartnell
Willoughby Dartnell
Adelaide Dartnell
Lydia Dartnell

Top occupations

Domestic Servant
Pension From Dividends
Boiler Maker
Agctl Labr
Barge Builder
Painter &c
Farm Labourer
Dock Labourer
Daily Woman (Al)
Cook HM Prison (Dom)
Cook Dom Serv
Assistant Clerk In Chambers Vice Chancillor Becon
French Polisher
Formerly Whitesmith Unemployed
Domestic Work
Farmers Son
Farmer Of 500 Ac Emply 10 Men 6 Boys
Engineer (E&M)
Farmer Em 6 Men 2 W
Engraver Artizan
Coo (Domestic Serv)
Woman In Charge (Dom Ser)
Coal Porter
Auctioners Clerk
Bakers Apprentice
Book Folder
Boot Maker
Bricklayers Boy
Bricklayers Labourer
Builder Master Emp 6 Men
Butcher & Farming 92 Ac Employg 3 Men 1 Boy
Certificated Elementary Teacher
Chair Maker
Clergymans Daughter
Coal Merchant