Darton in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

John Darton
George Darton
William Darton
James Darton
Joseph Darton
Thomas Darton
Henry Darton
Charles Darton
Richard Darton
Alfred Darton
Harry Darton
Arthur Darton
Frederick Darton
David Darton
Walter Darton
Albert Darton
Samuel Darton
Frank Darton
Edward Darton
Levi Darton
Cushi Darton
Charley Darton
Tom Darton
Hugh Darton
Sidney Darton
Aarther Darton
Geo. Darton
Philip Darton
Oscar Darton
Francis Darton
Lewis Darton
Chas. Darton
Javes Darton
Isaac Darton
Amos Darton
Ralph Darton
Fredk.G. Darton
Percy Darton
Mary Darton

Top female forenames

Mary Darton
Alice Darton
Sarah Darton
Elizabeth Darton
Eliza Darton
Emily Darton
Amelia Darton
Emma Darton
Lucy Darton
Florence Darton
Martha Darton
Annie Darton
Edith Darton
Rose Darton
Anne Darton
Kate Darton
Charlotte Darton
Louisa Darton
Rebecca Darton
Ann Darton
Minnie Darton
Elizth. Darton
Jane Darton
Ada Darton
Harriett Darton
Elisabeth Darton
Ellen Darton
Matilda Darton
Adeline Darton
Margaret Darton
Gertrude Darton
Caroline Darton
Linda Darton
Frances Darton
Lillian Darton
Esther Darton
Phoebe Darton
Laura Darton
Julia Darton
Marie Darton
Lydia Darton
Hannah Darton
Winnifred Darton
Lucinda Darton
Girtrude Darton
Susan Darton
Catherine Darton
Lizzie Darton
Georgina Darton
Betsy Darton

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Chapel Keeper
Errand Boy
Coach Builder
Police Constable
General Laborer
Labour Agr
Gass Fitter
Gardiner (N D)
Farm Labour
Housemaid (DS)
Coach Body Maker
Domestic Serv
House Painter Master Employing 2 Men & 1 Boy
House Painter
General Servt
General Serv
General Labourer
Groom (D)
Hair Dresser
Gen Servant
Gen Lab
House Maid DS
Daily Servant
Boot Top Machinist
Bookbinders Clerk
Boat Builder
Blacksmith Unable To Work
At Home
Ag Lar
Ag Labourer
Builder Boats
Wife Of A Soldier
Coast Guard (RN)
Coal & Wood Merchant
Coachbuilders App
Coach Builders Wife
Coach Builder S E R Wks
Carver And Gilder (Retired)