Darwin in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

John Darwin
William Darwin
Thomas Darwin
George Darwin
James Darwin
Henry Darwin
Charles Darwin
Joseph Darwin
Robert Darwin
Alfred Darwin
Wm. Darwin
Francis Darwin
Arthur Darwin
Tom Darwin
Samuel Darwin
Frank Darwin
Walter Darwin
Edward Darwin
Richard Darwin
Harry Darwin
Dennis Darwin
Frederick Darwin
Herbert Darwin
Thos. Darwin
Benjamin Darwin
Joe Darwin
Alexander Darwin
Philip Darwin
Albert Darwin
Matthew Darwin
Willie Darwin
Ernest Darwin
Peter Darwin
Sidney Darwin
Geo. Darwin
Fred Darwin
Anthony Darwin
Isaac Darwin
Erasmus Darwin
Reginald Darwin
Horace Darwin
Edwin Darwin
Edmond Darwin
Oliver Darwin
Stephen Darwin
Gerard Darwin
Collin Darwin
Lorance Darwin
Geo.E. Darwin
S. Darwin

Top female forenames

Mary Darwin
Sarah Darwin
Elizabeth Darwin
Jane Darwin
Annie Darwin
Ann Darwin
Ellen Darwin
Eliza Darwin
Hannah Darwin
Martha Darwin
Emma Darwin
Catherine Darwin
Alice Darwin
Charlotte Darwin
Frances Darwin
Margaret Darwin
Lucy Darwin
Harriet Darwin
Rose Darwin
Ada Darwin
Millicent Darwin
Anne Darwin
Rebecca Darwin
Gertrude Darwin
Florence Darwin
Fanny Darwin
Elizth. Darwin
Isabella Darwin
Amelia Darwin
Helen Darwin
Amy Darwin
Edith Darwin
Laura Darwin
Margret Darwin
Emily Darwin
Rhoda Darwin
Louisa Darwin
Infant Darwin
Phoebe Darwin
Eleanor Darwin
Lizzeth Darwin
Myra Darwin
Dorothy Darwin
Lilly Darwin
Lavinia Darwin
Victoria Darwin
Cath. Darwin
Kitty Darwin
Sussanah Darwin
Florance Darwin

Top occupations

Table Blade Grinder
Coal Miner
No Occupation
General Labourer
Ag Lab
Farm Laborer
Drawer In Coal Pit
File Cutter
Worsted Spinner
Coachman (D)
Coal Mine Labr
Shear Grinder (Ag Imp)
Shear Grinder Son
Wool Weaver
Shear Grinder Wife
Late Farmer
Woollen Piecer
Drawer Of Coal Down Pit
Dress Maker
Domestic Servant
General Serv
(F Servant Indr)
Yeast Importer (Brewer)
Cook Dom Serv
Cook Serv
Cotton Drawer
Boot Fitter Wife
Brick Maker
Bricklayer Employ 6 Men 1 Boy
Bricklayer Wife
Bricklayers Labourer
Butcher (Master)
Barrister At Law In Practice
Banker B.A. (Cantab)
Baker Unemployed