Darwood in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Darwood
John Darwood
James Darwood
Joseph Darwood
Walter Darwood
Robert Darwood
Henry Darwood
Thomas Darwood
Arthur Darwood
Richard Darwood
Earnest Darwood
Matthew Darwood
Lancelot Darwood
Benjamin Darwood
Alfred Darwood
Wm. Darwood
Herbert Darwood
Thompson Darwood
Harry Darwood
George Darwood
Frederick Darwood
Pearson Darwood
Ernest Darwood
Mark Darwood
Wm.Hry.Truscott Darwood
Jno. Darwood
Alexander Darwood
Jacob Darwood
Thos. Darwood
H. Darwood
Richer Darwood
Fredk. Darwood
Percy Darwood
Francis Darwood
Edgar Darwood

Top female forenames

Mary Darwood
Sarah Darwood
Ann Darwood
Elizabeth Darwood
Louisa Darwood
Jane Darwood
Susan Darwood
Hannah Darwood
Ellen Darwood
Martha Darwood
Eliza Darwood
Emma Darwood
Margaret Darwood
Alice Darwood
Fanny Darwood
Isabella Darwood
Betsy Darwood
S.A. Darwood
Florence Darwood
Rose Darwood
Ethel Darwood
Maria Darwood
Edith Darwood
Catherine Darwood
Harriett Darwood
Antonetta Darwood
Frances Darwood
Ruth Darwood
Rhoda Darwood
Esther Darwood
Eloner Darwood
Margret Darwood
Elizth. Darwood
Maggie Darwood
Lizzie Darwood
Clementine Darwood

Top occupations

Ag Lab
Glass Cutter
Cotton Weaver
General Servant (Dom)
General Serv
Grocer (Railway)
Glass Cutters Wife
Housemaid Domestic Serv
General Labourer
Income Derd From Money Invested
Grocers Errand Boy
Letter Press Printer
Pupil Teacher
Publican & Ag Lab
Printers Reader
Printer Compositor
Nurse Maid
No Profession
No Occ Formerly Butcher
General Dealer
Gardner (Dom)
Brick Setter (Layer)
Brewery Laborer
Boot Makers Foreman
Boot Maker (Out Of Employ)
Boot Forewoman
Blacksmith Labourer
Blacksmith & Coal Merchant
Agricultural Labourer
Wood Moulder
Bugler R M
Butcher (Journeyman)
Foreman Works (Builder)
Farmer 5 Acres
Drapers Assistant
Dom Serv
Dock Laborer
Corporal 38 Regiment
Commercial Traveller Wife
Commercial Traveller (Silks)