Daughtry in the 1881 census

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Top male forenames

William Daughtry
John Daughtry
George Daughtry
James Daughtry
Frederick Daughtry
Frank Daughtry
Edward Daughtry
Edwin Daughtry
Daniel Daughtry
David Daughtry
Richard Daughtry
Edmund Daughtry
Joe Daughtry
Charles Daughtry
Wilfred Daughtry
Herbert Daughtry
Arthur Daughtry
Thomas Daughtry
Alexr.N. Daughtry
Stephen Daughtry
Robert Daughtry
F. Daughtry
Philip Daughtry
Emmanuel Daughtry
Oliver Daughtry
Maurice Daughtry
Chas.Wm. Daughtry
Benjamin Daughtry
Tom Daughtry
Henery Daughtry
Amos Daughtry
Sykes Daughtry
Sam Daughtry
Francis Daughtry
Ernest Daughtry
Percy Daughtry
Michael Daughtry
Joseph Daughtry

Top female forenames

Mary Daughtry
Ann Daughtry
Ellen Daughtry
Eliza Daughtry
Jane Daughtry
Florence Daughtry
Kate Daughtry
Harriet Daughtry
Bertha Daughtry
Sarah Daughtry
Alice Daughtry
Emily Daughtry
Charlotte Daughtry
Harriett Daughtry
Annie Daughtry
Susan Daughtry
Ethel Daughtry
Allice Daughtry
Rosa Daughtry
Emma Daughtry
Ada Daughtry
Mercy Daughtry
Maria Daughtry
Elizabeth Daughtry
Edith Daughtry
Infant Daughtry
Catherine Daughtry
Frances Daughtry
Anna Daughtry
Fanny Daughtry
Amelia Daughtry
Esther Daughtry
Priscilla Daughtry
Elizebeth Daughtry
Kathleen Daughtry
Caroline Daughtry
Hannah Daughtry

Top occupations

Coal Miner
Ag Lab
Cloth Weaver
Scissor Filer
Farm Labourer
Groom & C (H Man)
Independent Minister Eston
Grocers Warhousman
Lab On Farm
General Servant (Domestic)
Laborer Timber Yard
Housemaid Dom
Labourer General
Woollen Spinner
Wife Of Professor
Teamer Carter
Stone Mason
Rag Sorter
Professor Of Music
Market Gardener
Ladys Maid
General Servant
Formerly Cook Domestic
Coal Miner H Wie
Coachman (Dom)
Cloth Finisher
Cloth Burler
Chair Woman
Bricklayers Laborer
Aprentice (Und)
Agri Labourer
Cowman Ag Lab
Cr Sergt Daur
Filer In Iron Works
Farm (Carter Boy)
Engine Cleaner (Fact Lab)
Domestic Servt
Domestic Servant
Cr Sergts Son
Cr Sergts Dur
Cr Sergt Wife
Cr Sergt Sussex Militia
Ag Labs Wife