Daughty in the 1881 census

Top Counties

Top Parishes

Top male forenames

Thomas Daughty
William Daughty
James Daughty
John Daughty
George Daughty
Charles Daughty
Albert Daughty
Joseph Daughty
Fredrick Daughty
Herbert Daughty
Samuel Daughty
Richard Daughty
Michael Daughty
Hy.M. Daughty
Henry Daughty
Geo Daughty
Edwin Daughty
Robt. Daughty
Alfred Daughty
Neal Daughty
A.E. Daughty
Meridith Daughty
Isaac Daughty

Top female forenames

Mary Daughty
Elizabeth Daughty
Ann Daughty
Emma Daughty
Alice Daughty
Hannah Daughty
Charlotte Daughty
Gertrude Daughty
Priscilla Daughty
Martha Daughty
Eliza Daughty
Clara Daughty
Susan Daughty
Frederica Daughty
Rebecca Daughty
Florence Daughty
Evangeline Daughty
Maria Daughty
Lucy Daughty
Lizzie Daughty
Eliz. Daughty
Kezia Daughty
Jessie Daughty
Belinda Daughty
Rosa Daughty
Frances Daughty
Fanny Daughty
Esther Daughty
Margaret Daughty
Ellen Daughty
Lucille Daughty
Lillian Daughty
Kathrine Daughty
Caroline Daughty

Top occupations

Coal Miner
General Lab
Gilt Toy Solder
General Servant
General Servant (Dom)
Loco Engine Driver (Rly)
Malsters Lab
Metal Fork Caster (Cutler)
No Occupation
Rag & Bone Dealer
Railway Drayman
Shoe Maker
Throstle Peicer
General Labourer
Agricultural Labourer
Agricultural Labr Unemployed
Barrister J P In Actual Practice
Cloth Dresser
Coach Man (D)
Coal Heaver
Cook Domest Servt
Cotton Operative Mill
Crossing Sweeper
Domestic Servant
Domestic Servant (Out Of Employ)
Domestic Servant Under Butler
Drapers Assistant
Employd On Farm Indoor (Servt)
Gardeners Lab (Dom)
Gen Lab
Woollen Weaver